Outfits That Look Best with a Tote Bag

Tote bags used to be considered boring. They’re not stylistically complex and don’t often incorporate many embellishments. The tote bag is easygoing, spacious, and highly practical. Practical and simple used to be the enemy of fashion, but things are changing. Modern fashion and streetwear prioritize comfort. Think of tote bags as the joggers of purses. They definitely have a time and a place and are easily matched with a full ensemble that makes a statement. Put a tote bag in your rotation, and dress it up any way you’d like.

City Chic

City chic outfits work perfectly with tote bags. If you’re out and about, walking around and hopping on and off of the subway, you need a bag that’s big enough to accommodate all your purchases. A black leather tote bag or a printed canvas tote bag is a functional accessory with a city-ready outfit. Paper bag pants or straight-legged trousers with a graphic tee or basic v-neck. It’s casual and battle-ready, and your tote bag is the perfect place to store your gear.

Grab and Go

It’s been a week. You don’t want to deal with buttons or zippers. The joggers and the leggings are out of the drawer, and they mean business. Your oversized cotton tee is calling your name. Tote bags are the perfect bags for casual errand-running days. Anything you would wear to pick up a salad or a smoothie or run out for a bunch of bananas is the perfect outfit for a tote bag. Your tote bag signifies that you’re comfy and you mean business. If you’re only grabbing a few things, your tote can also double as your reusable shopping bag.


Tote bags have all the space of a gym bag with the style of a purse. They’re the perfect purse to come along to yoga, Pilates, spin class, or dance lessons. If your tote bag is deep enough and the straps are long, you can even pop your yoga mat inside. The right tote will allow you to ditch your duffel or backpack for a more stylish option. This is the perfect alternative for women who want to squeeze a workout into a busy day. Grab a coffee before your workout and run errands after your workout – your tote will make you look more prepared.

Business Casual

Usually, the best compliment to a business casual outfit is a satchel bag. Satchels act like soft-sided briefcases, easily storing tablets, laptops, notepads, and books. Totes can be used for the same purpose. A large tote organized with dividers can become the perfect home to work to home bag, seeing you through every step of your journey with all the essentials you need to meet the challenges of your day. Try a woven textured tote or a leather tote when you want to look ready to get down to business.

Romantic Vintage

An oversized tote bag will perfectly accompany another oversized accessory, like a straw hat. Tote bags bring a certain charm to outfits that look fit for a garden tea party. A delicate, minimalist dress with soft lace embellishment and neutral colored flats works as a simple, cute, casual outfit. By dressing it up with a sun hat and a large tote bag, you’re making your accessories the focus of the ensemble. Playing with scale creates a dainty, dreamy silhouette.

The Monochrome Romper

For something quick, easy, and stylish, pair a solid colored romper with a matching tote. If you’re into the little black dress look, try black head to toe. Coordinate your jewelry and your sunglasses with the color of your tote bag’s hardware. Gold, silver, bronze, or rose gold tones will beautifully accent your chic monochromatic look with a little burst of something special.


Tote bags are highly functional alternatives to the traditional purse, and they easily coordinate with many wardrobe staples you likely already own. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a tote bag – especially if you live a busy life and you need to take many essentials with you.

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