Ornare Presents: Artist Talk and Exhibition with Simone Kestelman

Custom cabinetry showroom hosts event experience to promote local artist in Westchester County. 

  Mylene Del Nero will host a very special Artist Talk and Exhibition featuring Westchester County-based Sculptor and one-of-a-kind jewelry Designer, Simone Kestelman. The event will be held at the Ornare showroom in Greenwich (34 East Putnam Ave) on Wednesday, February 21st from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. and include a vendor pop-up with Kestelman’s fine art jewelry.
Kestelman will have indoor works on display at the luxury custom cabinetry showroom, show images of her outdoor work on a large state of the art screen, and talk about her experience as a sculptor and more recently, jewelry maker. During the talk Kestelman will explain her technique along with inspiration and how she got started. Registration is free and required to attend. The next Ornare event at will feature Woman Owned Brands on March 28th. To learn more about Ornare custom cabinetry please email ([email protected]).  @mylene.delnero_ornare
About Simone Kestelman
Simone Kestelman born in Brazil and now based in Westchester, New York, is a globally exhibited multimedia artist whose remarkable creations grace both indoor and outdoor spaces. With an unwavering passion for uncovering beauty in discarded materials and undervalued forms, Kestelman’s recent works transcend conventional boundaries, introducing the captivating elements of light and color alongside the timeless mediums of glass and ceramics.
As a highly skilled artist proficient in glass, ceramics, and photography, Kestelman’s sculptures delve into profound themes, including life, death, love, violence, and ambition. Her visual language strikes a poignant chord, evoking universal emotions. Notably, she tackles urgent issues, particularly those surrounding violence against women and children, using her art as a powerful catalyst for change. This commitment has propelled her works into numerous exhibitions, gracing the walls of museums in both Brazil and the USA.
Kestelman’s pieces are not confined to gallery walls; they find a home in public spaces and private collections, transforming outdoor environments with their arresting presence. In the narrative of art, Simone Kestelman emerges as an artist whose work serves as a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression, sparking crucial conversations and inspiring meaningful change.