Office Party Pitfalls: Offensive Halloween costumes you should never wear

Lots of companies throw Halloween parties and hold costume contests, but unless everyone is on their best behavior it can be a horrifyingly bad idea.
Dressing up as Trump, Clinton or President Obama can be downright offensive to others in the office.


Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Costumes, candy, carving – what could be better? Given the fun-filled spirit of the season, it’s worth ensuring that you and everyone around you has a great time. So, take a second and check out the Halloween costumes you should avoid this year (and every year).
1. Anything Involving Blackface
First thing’s first. It’s not – we repeat, not – okay to dress up in blackface for Halloween. It’s so easy to dress up as one of your favorite celebrities without being offensive!
2. Transphobic Costumes
This “tranny granny” costume was pulled from Walmart after facing backlash from consumers who pointed out that it mocks and satirizes transgender women – in addition to using a transphobic slur. While this one is especially offensive, any costume intended to insult trans people – such as last year’s Caitlyn Jenner costume – should be avoided.
3. A Refugee
With the Syrian refugee crisis frequently in the news, there may be folks who think this is a good, topical story to take inspiration from, but it’s so important to remember that it deeply impacts the lives of millions of people.
4. Kim Kardashian and Robbers
In the grand scheme of things, this is not quite as bad as many others on this list. Still, dressing up as a terrified woman whose life is being threatened is definitely one look everyone should skip this season.
5. Cultural Stereotypes
When someone dresses up as a member of a different culture, particularly in an exaggerated or humorous way, it can be hurtful to those who do belong. Simply skip the thick mustache/poncho combo, the headdresses, the kimono, the – well, you get it.


If you Google around, you’ll find entire pages on costume shop sites devoted to selling tacky costumes.

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