Should we Make Up or Break Up?

5 Signs Your Relationship Could Be In Trouble

Doron Ofir Casting is seeking couples at a crossroads in their relationship for a groundbreaking new series that helps couples make the critical decision: should they make up or break up?

Participating couples will be brought to Los Angeles for a 1-day shoot, earn $1000 each and get help making the decision that will affect the rest of their life.

Selected couples will be filmed in front of a small studio audience as they meet with our relationship expert. They’ll share their life together, through a series of filmed packages and brief chats inorder to come to the right decision.

Apply Now at www.MakeUporBreakUpCasting.com

Breakups are rough, but making the decision is the hardest part. We could all use some outside perspective when figuring out whether to stay or go.

1. The little things are adding up

Things you once thought were cute or never even noticed are now driving you crazy, maybe it’s his snoring, he’s cheap, or that toxic friend who is always around, but it’s time to handle it. Sometimes the slow torture is the worst: get it out in the open and figure out whether or not it’s a deal breaker.

2. Someone’s lying

You know the feeling, before any words are even spoken, you can tell something isn’t right. Don’t let it continue to keep you up at night. Get the secret out in the open where it won’t have power over you any more.

3. Things are kind of stuck

Either nothing is changing or you’re waiting for a big event to make life better. You guys are just going through the motions and it’s not the life you want to be living right now. Maybe going separate ways will mean you’re actually, finally going somewhere.

4. Conversations are like minefields

You’re carefully avoiding certain subjects because you don’t feel like fighting, crying, or dealing with passive aggressive snarkiness, there are some things you guys know you just can’t talk about. The words ‘we don’t talk about that’ don’t belong in a healthy relationship.

5. Time is running out

There’s a deadline approaching and it’s either not gonna be met or even acknowledged. It could be having kids, college graduation, or that new job opportunity: something is going to happen soon and you have to figure out if you’re facing it alone or together.

There are more, of course, but figuring those out is something we can do together. Apply with our casting team right now and we’ll figure out if our show is right for you, and if your relationship is worth putting back together or not. This is your chance to put it all on the table and hear what our audience thinks. Ultimately the decision is yours!

Wether you are dealing with jealousy, lack of commitment, infidelity, intimacy, money issues their toxic friends, or your parents disapproval we want to hear your story!


Apply Now at www.MakeUporBreakUpCasting.com