New Program Aiming to Help College Students Cope With Life’s Challenges Launches in Westchester


A New Science-Based System That Helps People Unlock Their Potential

When Anthony Fontanello became a Communications major at the College of Mount St. Vincent, he knew what career he was hoping and preparing for: He wanted to become a professional sports announcer. While the assets he would bring to his chosen profession are obvious — he’s a diligent student with a handsome face, a deep, resonating voice and a passion for sports — Anthony had questions that go beyond what’s typically covered in college courses. He wanted to dig deeper, to ensure he was on the right path and taking all the right steps.

That’s why Anthony enrolled in the Student Success Academy — a unique workshop focused on discovering and unlocking potential.

After an enlightening class with Dr. Robert J. Flower, known to his students as “Dr. Bob,” Anthony says he is confident in his career choice and his ability to succeed. “I know I can use this to help me further my career, my schoolwork, myself — anything, to be honest,” Anthony says. “I believe that this is something I’m supposed to be using, and that this is going to be something that I’m going to be very good at.”

Dr. Bob, the founder and director of the Westchester County nonprofit organization, located in Bronxville, NY – Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences, took Anthony’s concerns, and helped him address them one by one, using a system he calls The Laws of Potential.

“It’s a novel, organized and natural process of understanding which readily enables one to expand, access and create personal resources,” Dr. Bob explains.

Dr. Bob also teaches courses at various local colleges and empowers students to stay in school by teaching them to use the Laws of Potential in order to:

  • Identify restrictions to achievement
  • Organize their lives
  • Recognize and overcome obstacles
  • Enhance decision making skills
  • Discover the path to success by following the Laws of Potential

While Dr. Bob’s main area of interest is human potential, he says it was while studying a geometric model depicting cell formation that he had the eye-opening revelation that led to the development of the Laws of Potential. “I realized that the organizational systems that govern the formation of cells are precisely the same as those that govern human cognition,” says Dr. Bob. Those concepts form the basis of “Life Skills for Education and Beyond,” a new course he is offering to college students and drop-outs in Westchester County.

Robert J. Flower is founder and director of The Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences, a non-profit Human Potential Research and Development think tank located in Bronxville, NY, established in 1982.