New Homes for Sale in Jacksonville FL: Features of Living There


What is it like to live in Jacksonville, Florida and have a home there? And why does everyone choose new homes for sale in Jacksonville FL?


The 6 Benefits of Living in Jacksonville

Moving to Jacksonville is a popular decision for people, and people who live here already know why. Before you decide to move to Jacksonville, you should learn all aspects of living there. When choosing a new home to move to and choosing a city like Jacksonville or any other city in Florida, it should be possible to make an informed decision before you move!

Cost of Living

Jacksonville ranks as the 51st most expensive city in the United States, making it an affordable city to live in. The cost of living in Jacksonville is known to be one of the cheapest in the state of Florida. For many residents, though, the biggest daily expense is transportation when using a personal car to get around. Living in Jacksonville is much cheaper than in places like:

  • Colorado Springs;
  • Columbus;
  • Ohio.

If you’re moving to this area, count on budget comfort.

First Class Real Estate

Housing costs in Jacksonville are lower than the national median sales price, although costs will vary depending on your preferred neighborhood and type of housing. Because the cost of living here is so affordable, it’s very easy to find housing. Housing prices in Jacksonville are below the national average. Because of this affordability of housing, many people who live in the area own their own homes. Whether you want downtown housing or a nice house on the beach, there’s a home for everyone.

Perfect Location

Jacksonville, Florida is in an ideal location. Located in northeast Florida. It’s the first major city you’ll encounter in Florida when you’re driving on Interstate 95. One of the perks of living in this city is that you are very close to other major cities and destinations. Jacksonville is only two hours from Orlando and about five hours from Atlanta, Georgia. Other major Florida cities that are relatively close include Tampa, Miami, and Naples.

Labor Market

Florida’s unemployment rate is about 3.5%, and the city of Jacksonville has the second-highest job growth rate in Florida. Many companies and large corporations are headquartered here, so there are jobs for just about every career path. Living here, you can expect to make an average salary of about $46,000 a year.

Transportation System

The area is a vast area connected by major highways that include Interstate 10, Interstate 95 and Interstate 295. These highways, not to mention the bridges, are subject to heavy traffic during peak hours as well as accidents.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority offers bus service, but the routes are long and often delayed by traffic. Other public transportation options include ferries, water cabs and the JTA Skyway monorail.

The Coast and Beaches

One of the most compelling reasons to move to Jacksonville is the expansive beaches. Jacksonville is known for having the largest coastline of any city in the United States. With access to piers, surfing, kayaking, and boating, Jacksonville’s beaches will be an ocean lover’s dream destination. Each beach in the area has its own charm and special feel, so you can brave the adventures of nearby attractions and coastal communities.

As you can see, Jacksonville, Florida, is a great place to live. With an affordable cost of living, growing job opportunities, and endless entertainment options, the population continues to grow. Not only is it the largest city in Florida, but it’s a guarantee of warm and sunny weather. Now is the perfect time to move here, so you can safely look for your perfect home there!