Most Common Types of Homes


During life, every person experiences the moments he or she wants to share with their loved ones. Starting the first job, getting married, having a baby, and one of the most important things if you plan family, buying a house. This is something every one of us dreams about – a place that will be arranged according to our wishes and which will be our comfort zone.

The house is a place for relaxation and is an ideal solution for big families. You can adapt it to your own requirements and desires, having all the peace and privacy. Also, you can enjoy the fresh air on the spacious porch or in the backyard. Not to mention plenty of room for kids and pets to play.

Below you can read more about the most common types of houses you can see in the suburbs or countries.

Traditional home style


Traditional style is the basis for all further home designs. As the name implies, such houses should reflect traditional, family values. They are distinguished by a classic tetragonal shape and symmetrical two or four-sided roof.


The most common houses are on a single level, with a spacious front yard. Many of them have the large porch. This construction style is grateful because you can always improve its construction by adding one more floor, or garage.

The interior of these houses is well-lighted because of large windows and porch doors that dominate the outside of the house. Read here about the importance of brightened living space.

In a roomy kitchen, the massive table dominates as a symbol of union and harmony, because the families usually gathered here for lunch and to make big decisions. Several sleeping rooms and bathrooms are integral parts of these houses.

Modern home style


After the massive destructions that hit the world during the last century, the style characterized by simplicity and the use of new materials has been developed. The modern house design represents a new wave of architecture, adapted to the world which, in some ways, was rebuilding all over again.

Modern style houses are simple, usually with flat roofs, ground or one floor. They are created to be economical but also adapted to modern lifestyle. Their design is timeless, and since they are made of high-quality materials, such as steel and concrete, many of them have been in the same, top condition for decades.

Champions Gate homes for sale are mostly designed in contemporary style, which represents an updated modern design. It includes exteriors made of natural materials, as well as “wonders” of the new age, such as solar panels and futuristic furniture.

“Arts and Crafts” a.k.a. Craftsman style


Craftsman is a typical style from the beginning of the twentieth century, created under the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement. The houses of this design are several decades old and often need renovation.

The basics of this style are natural materials, woodwork, and craft-made solutions, which require reparation after a while. However, for someone who wants to feel the spirit of some past times and adapt it according to its taste, these floor houses are an ideal solution.

Mediterranean style

The name of this home design reminds of the sea, the beaches, and the sun, and it is distinguished by such characteristics. Houses built in this style have the light facades, where neutral tones dominate.  The roofs are covered with tiles, and outer walls usually have some rustic detail, like a natural decorative stone.

The terraces are mostly semi-open and represent the ideal place to rest and drink morning coffee. The yard is also adapted to the Mediterranean area and the climate. There are pools, evergreen plants, and palm trees.

Visit this page to check differences between shingles and tiles:

Your living space mostly depends on your habits, lifestyle, and future plans. If you’re imaging a big house in the suburbs, you should know the negative side of it. Your dream house is usually placed far away from downtown areas. It makes everyday life organization difficult; if you work in the city center or your children go to school there, you’ll need a lot of patience to get there.

But it will worth it, since you’ll be on your own. It’s a big step, whether you are buying a house or wanting to build it. Both projects require significant financial investment, but also a lot of effort to make the final result exactly what we want.


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