Mindfulness and Parenting May 5, 7:30 Join John Baitsell Jr at the Bedford Playhouse for a Q&A to support us on the parenting journey

During this stressful time of Covid, global warming, and global conflict, we along with our children are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety. Maintaining healthy relationships with our children is vital and can be challenging for parents.

Join John for an evening of discussion exploring a variety of ways to support our children and our own wellness and mental health during these difficult times.

     Topics of Discussion

➢ What it means to parent mindfully.

➢ Practical tools for re-establishing communication with your kids.

➢ Consistently being your best self, the adult in the room.

➢ The importance of a Wellness Plan for the entire family.


  Skills you’ll walk away with



➢ How to best communicate with children today and into the future.

➢ How to implement self-care and model it for your children.

➢ How to align your actions with desired results.

➢ How to consistently be in the present without spinning off.



John has been on a personal recovery journey since 2003. Through his experiences with addiction and recovery he has dedicated himself to a life of love, service, and teaching. He believes that most of us are in some form of recovery and focuses his work on compassionate acceptance and understanding, meeting people where they are on their own, unique journey. He believes there are multiple pathways to wholeness, allowing each person to serve as the ultimate resource for their own wellness and recovery.

A certified spiritual and recovery coach, John has taught and practiced meditation for decades. His experience includes leading groups at New York-Presbyterian Hospital for patients with co-occurring mental health issues and substance use disorder.

John spends his summers on Cape Cod where he leads meditations on the beach and coaches individual clients.

You may reach John with any questions or concerns at 914-849-8764 or Johnthelistener@instagram