Mexican Drinks That are Perfect for Summer


During the summer period, the sun hits differently and so does the thirst. You wouldn’t want to be caught out in the sun without a chilled drink to cool you off. Some people may choose water, mocktail, bottled soft drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks depending on their level of thirst. Staying hydrated is good for the body as it re-energizes the cells for an active you. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to keep yourself hydrated.

There are various drinks on the market that may quench your thirst during the summer period. That is where the Mexican culture thrives. Apart from tequilas and mezcal, there are also other alternatives that make the whole consumption process worthwhile. Let’s discuss some of the Mexican drinks that will leave you yearning for more during the hot summer period.

Agua Fresca

Those looking to leave out the alcoholic content in their drinks can find solace in the Agua Fresca. It is a Mexican drink that is non-alcoholic and literally translates to freshwater. The drink is a combination of water, sugar, fruits (strawberry, Mango, watermelon, etc.), and flowers for added flavor. Tamarind, horchata, and hibiscus are the most used flavors in the drink. Most people call it frescos being the short form of the drink and refrescos for the bottled soft drinks.

Piña colada

You have probably come across a piña colada in a list of your summer beverages. This goes well with the soaring sun. It is a tropical beverage that is alcoholic and goes together with coconut cream/milk, rum, and pineapple juice. Although it is a virgin smoothie, it provides a chilled cocktail vibe all the time.


Tepache is a better alcoholic drink that will not only quench your thirst but also improve your health. A tepache is a drink made from pineapple skins. That is right! Instead of throwing away the peelings from a ripe pineapple, you can use it to make yourself a tepache.

The drink is native to the Mexican community and is lightly fermented to give it the alcoholic content. Since it requires an insanely short amount of time to ferment, you can easily make one at home. However, the level of alcohol in the drink will be determined by the amount of time it takes to ferment it.

As it is native to Mexico, the drink is often chilled and sold on the streets. Since the alcohol content is low (about 2% ABV), some people may add a splash of beer to increase it. However, it is best served as it is. Below are some of the health benefits you get from using this Mexican drink.

It has probiotics and prebiotic properties since it is a fermented drink. These properties help in digestion and also regulate the system’s biome. Due to low amounts of sugar, it will not add unwanted calories (contains less than 40 calories).

The drink helps to strengthen your whole immune system by fighting off unwanted substances in the body. Not only does Tepache quench your summer thirst, but it also keeps you hydrated, better than the sugary sodas. What’s more, it is characterized by a plethora of organic ingredients that make it an ideal drink with nutritional benefits. The best part about the drink is that it comes in different flavors to choose your favorite.


While there are plenty of Mexican summer drinks, tepache beats the list. It is easy to make and provides quite a number of health benefits. What’s even better about this drink is that you can serve and have it anywhere, even on the streets.


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