What Men are Really Hiding on Their Smartphones

Bank Accounts Named #1 to Keep Private, American Men 4x More Likely Than Women to Have Naked Photos of Others on Their Smartphone


New mobile privacy research announced yesterday by Clean Master discovered what American men are hiding on smartphones.


With more than half of Americans (52%) admitting they would be embarrassed about friends or family seeing certain files or documents on their smartphone, the survey discovered men are twice as likely as women to have naked photos of themselves on their phone (7% of men vs. 3% of women) and four times as likely to have naked photos of others (9% of men vs. 2% of women).

The survey was conducted by TSN on behalf of Clean Master creator KS Mobile. The Clean Master app deletes junk files and browser and search history.

Additionally, men are more likely than women to be embarrassed about friends or family seeing the following content on their smartphone:


·         Websites they have visited (20% men vs. 11% women)

·         Porn (15% men vs. 5% women)

·         Photos of others (13% men vs. 5% women)

·         Videos of others (8% men vs. 3% women)

But surprisingly, the #1 thing both men and women most want to stay hidden on smartphones isn’t porn, or even naked selfies – it’s bank information! One in four (25%) of Americans don’t want that seen by others on their smartphone.



“Our research proves there’s a real need for American smartphone users to have more control over the privacy of their most intimate and personal information,” said Sheng Fu, CEO of KS Mobile. “While Americans might not consider smartphone maintenance or safety a priority, those who are interacting with mobile devices so personally need a protection and performance tool that is easy to use, effective, and accessible. Clean Master is uniquely designed to meet these needs.”


Comparatively only 8% of Americans said they would be embarrassed about friends or family seeing naked selfies on their smartphone.