Meet wildlife up close and personal with fearless Laura Crawford Williams Nov 9th

Want to see wildlife up close and personal? Meet fearless wildlife photographer Laura Crawford Williams at Palm Beach Museum of Natural History November 9th

  Meet fearless wildlife photographer and author Laura Crawford Williams and greet live animals from wildlife rehabilitation centers at Palm Beach Museum of Natural History November 9th 12PM – 3PM. Sponsored by 4Ocean, this event will include a Kids Corner with coloring books, stickers and giveaway bags for those who participate in our conservation contest. Laura will be hosting a meet and greet and Q&A showcasing her new book “Wildlife in the Wild Lands”, a collection of Laura’s best wildlife photographs that have been published in noteworthy magazines including National GeographicSmithsonian, and The Nature Conservancy. The book is full of stunning visuals that lead your imagination to the wild lands of Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia (

Wildlife in the Wild Lands” is an encouragement to those who have always wondered how they might best serve the wider world,” said Laura.  “Wildlife conservation is, at its core, one of the purest forms of giving back.”

Laura has earned multiple national and international awards for her photography, been exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History twice, and has been published in a variety of calendars, greeting cards, posters and textbooks.

Wildlife in Wild Lands” is a 244-page collection of images taken during eight years of working with conservation organizations in southern South America, by Laura Crawford Williams (

Laura Crawford Williams has spent many years in southern South America photographing rare and beautiful animals all across wild landscapes.

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Laura Crawford Williams is honored to be able to partner with 4ocean, as each of their mission statements complement one another and emphasize the importance of wildlife and wildlands conservation. Her mission is to make a difference through her photography and encourage others to take part in exploring their own wild life (