Meet Chanel Omari

Princesses:  Long Island - Season 1
I am in love with your headband, it’s so Woodstock. Where did you get you inspiration ?
A: Thank you so much! So happy you are in love with the accessory line. While I was filming Princesses: Long Island, I was going through a very difficult and painful time in my life, as we all do in life and I started designing head pieces, which is the new jewelry trend, for myself to help remember that there is a greater power above me that helped me consume positive energy all around and gave me confidence  as a strong independent woman. I have a unique style and I am not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion because that is the beauty of fashion. You can make up your own rules. I felt like bringing back the feel of being down to earth and sexy at the same time with these head pieces. If you are having  a bad hair day, I find it to be the perfect head accessory for a girl on a budget to be able to rock their hair any which way and look and feel cool by wearing  a Chanel Omari head piece. 
chanel wears blackgold heaven&earth double braided piece

Where can I get one?  Does it come in colors?  Are there any other accessories in your line?
A: You can purchase the head piece, exclusively now on  They come in different colors such as pink/gold, royal blue/gold, burgundy/gold and black/gold 
There are two different styles out right now; the Eden head piece and the Diva headpiece. Both representing the strong, confident, cool, independent down to earth woman who is powerful but yet humble and feels and looks cool/sexy. Its for the modern day woman who rocks it at the gym, at work and even a cocktail party. Its to remind every woman of every race, religion, spirituality etc that they are princesses. A princess isn’t defined by a title. We are all princesses at heart. Everyone has their own interpretation of what a princess is. They are being sold exclusively on right now. 


How did you get the Bravo gig?
A:  I work in Television Production and Journalism as my full time job. I had grown up with some of the casting directors I had worked with in the business and they approached me with the idea of working women on Long Island that had to move back home due to the recession, which we have all experienced, and how we were coping with the transition in our lives, being in your late 20s and early 30s in all aspects of our lives and I found it to be a great platform to show everyone that I am not a spoiled rich kid, living off my parents. I am too,like many people around the world, struggling financially and emotionally trying to figure myself out on a daily basis and to encourage others that even though I did come from a privileged background and I am so grateful and blessed for the opportunities I did have grown up, I also face my own struggles and it doesn’t mean I had it all but am willing to strive to have it all. 



Were you surprised at the reaction “princesses” received?
Yes, I was surprised by the reaction Princesses did receive. I did not think it would get be as controversial as it was portrayed. At the end of the day, I wasn’t on the show to represent an entire culture or be responsible for representing the Jewish nation. I am proud to be Jewish/Israeli and Colombian but It was my story I was telling and I am not perfect. I am in my late 20s trying to figure it out like everyone else. 

Tell me about your web series…
I am super excited about my web series! It will be focused on pop culture, celebrity interviews, love and dating tips and of course my favorite fashion trends. It will focus more on the the positive outlook of being single in the city in your 20s and 30s. Hopefully, I will be the go to guide on how to help women navigate the dating world. The series will sprinkle anecdotes on spirituality, love & dating, career, fashion and finding your inner princess. It’s not easy being single in the city but Omari has positive tips to help her audience believe that age is nothing but a number despite the pressures of society. I aspire to make this webseries inspire women of all ages who can feel confident in their own skin with out feeling the pressures of society and empower women that they can have and do it all!



Are you dating?
YES!I am definitely dating. I haven’t found MR. RIGHT yet. I am focused on looking for MR RIGHT NOW. Sometimes, we put pressure on ourselves to find “THE ONE,” but really we should take this time in our 20s and 30s to be single and embrace finding ourselves in becoming a whole before becoming a half and that’s exactly what I am doing and loving every minute of it.

How do you find men?
Great question! It’s definitely not easy to find men in this big city, but I do think the best way to find good quality men is to be set up through a matchmaker or even go on dating websites. Dating websites are challenging so I found an online dating expert, Laurie Davis, who is the founder of Eflirt. It’s probably the best decision I ever made.  EFlirt Expert is an online dating consultancy. Founded in 2009, the company helps singles navigate the intersection of dating and technology. She works with Jdate and has helped me revamp my profile where I can attract the right men in my math because there is definitely a formula to this madness. I always say its best to have someone guide you and/or help you through the dating game. The other best advice I have in how to meet men is going to hotel bars during happy hour because that’s where all the eligible quality bachelors are hanging out these days.  I find that meeting men in temple, church or some sort of charity event can also be a great way to meet the right man. 
Jdate or

Are you still living at home?
I am still living at home. I think being home makes me more focused and helps me stay grounded and humble. Of course, I would like to move back to the big apple one of these days but I have to make sure my journalism career is on the right track in order for me to live in an expensive city such as NYC. I do not have my parents to rely on financially and I pride on being an independent working woman, but sometimes you need to save for your future instead of wasting it all on rent.

If you could have a meal with 4 different people from history who would they be?
Wow. That’s  a great question. I would love to sit down with Moses, Maya Angelo, Mary Tyler Moore and Barbara Streisand.


monkey collage




If you had a choice of a black Jewish man who would you prefer  Drake or Lenny Kravitz ?
They are both amazing talents and individuals, however, I am going to have to go with Drake on this one. I have major respect for Drake as a great talent and human being. I feel like we would make such a great couple, don’t you think? LOL


kravitz and drake





Do you cook?  What is your best dish?
I do love to cook. When I cook, I put all my heart in to it. I come from an Israeli/Colombian background so all the dishes I make are with soul and spice. My favorite dish is called Kubba. It’s actually an Iraqi dish that has been passed on to me from my great grandmother. Its an amazing soup with vegetable and cooked meat balls with pumpkin, tomatoes, beats and a tomato paste base. Its delicious, healthy and good for your soul.

 What are the last 5 songs you downloaded?
I love music. I am such a music head.  I love all genres of music but hip hop is of course my fav because I love to dance. The most recent songs I downloaded and can’t get enough of are; 
Rude by Magic, Goddess by my new favorite band; Banks, Loyal by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, All You Need is Love by the classic Beatles and Summer by Calvin Harris,  Stay with Me by Sam Smith,  Make the World Go Round by Dj Cassidy featuring R. Kelly and any songs/music by DJ Affect. He is one of my favorite DJ’S and music producers right now. Anything he touches is GOLD. The Big BIG BANG by Katy Tiz featuring, remixed and produced by Dj Affect . It’s my  favorite. 

What’s your favorite quote?
“I will make better mistakes tomorrow.”




Have you kissed any frogs ?   If so did they turn into a prince? 
Yes, I think you need to kiss many frogs in order to find your prince charming, however, I am still looking for my knight and shinning armor. Hopefully, he is right around the corner.