Mark Normand: Missed him on Colbert, Fallon, Conan? Come see him LIVE and up close

Outy by 10: Music & Stories: Big Talent in a Small Space

💃Hilarious Stories & Songs on the Edge
Intimate Audience: They Never Leave NYC So You’re Safe!

Laughter + Connection + Edginess…Do you dare??  3.26.20

** Mark Normand: Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon, Colbert Show, Inside Amy Schumer; Last Comic Standing; Conan 6 times!

** Negin Farsad: Comedy Central; MTV; PBS; Film Director: The Muslims Are Coming! starring Jon Stewart.

** Gianmarco Soresi: Headlined Caroline’s on Broadway; Comedy Special; The Last O.G.; ABC Deception

** Susan Seliger: Founder/Host, Journalist (NYTimes, New York Mag, Wash Post) and chief Troublemaker

** Robinson Treacher: 
Performed with Vince Gill, Iris Dement, GE Smith, Amy Helm;  Rock, country, R&B.

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NEW NIGHTCLUB VENUE: Noho Sound, 75 Murray St. (Betw. Greenwich & W. Broadway) in the gorgeous Bogardus Mansion in Tribeca

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