Get to Know Marion Roaman and Her Feel Good Lifestyle Club

Hi! I am Marion. I am a proud wife, mom, step mom, step grandma, a clean eating chef, fitness entrepreneur and live streaming addict. Nothing makes me happier than to help a woman Feel Good in her Skin!
Marion Roaman taught me how to Spin one afternoon, 20 years ago  in East Hampton,NY. I have been in love with her ever since.  Her classes were full of high energy and always my favorite.
Fast forward to today,  Marion Roaman has  launched a new business and website which enables women to make a much needed change in their life and ultimately feel good in their skin.  Marion is committed to helping women feel good in their skin by offering different services, cleanses, recipes and virtual life coaching that will help them be their best selves.
Why do you do what you do?
Because now, more than ever, I feel the world needs strong, independent women.  There is nothing more powerful and sexy than a proud, confident and centered women.  
How do you do what you do?
 My primary business is one as a private Lifestyle Coach. I work one on one with women over the course of six months to one year.  I help my clients set attainable goals in order to fulfill their life long vision of themselves. I create personalize meditations, recipes, beauty regiments, fitness routines and even to – do lists. In the extended program, I make house visits and help to de-clutter, purge and reorganize. 
There is no one answer. Every woman is unique and has her own special programming to perfecting her desired lifestyle.  I help to create the program.  

 I have also founded a Virtual Lifestyle Club.  This private, women only club is one that allows me to coach women in groups.  Once a woman requests to join, she then fills out a questionnaire and is invited to join for $10 a month or $100 a year. I live stream tons of content from daily meditations, at home workouts, cooking lessons to beauty and wellness tips.  There are weekly challenges and there is tons of support.  I am particularly excited about this as social media can be very difficult to navigate. The Virtual Lifestyle Club is a safe, supportive and positive community! 


What’s your favorite part of being you?


What a great question!  I love that I am my own best friend. I can hang out by myself for an indefinite amount of time and be totally entertained.


What advice would you give yourself?
You’ve got this. Don’t stop now.
What’s in your refrigerator?
Aloe water, bee pollen, magnesium tablets, filtered water, hemp seed oil, almond milk, mustard, royal bee jelly, carrots, eggs and butter for my kids – oh and whole grain english muffins, they love those.   I have more stuff in our pantry. I travel a lot so I do not keep a ton of stuff  in the fridge 🙂 


Can you show me?


What’s songs are on your ultimate playlist?
Sexy Sadie – the Beatles
Don’t Let me Down – the Beatles
Mr. Sandman – Metallica
Starfish and Coffee – Prince
Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones
Franklin’s Tower – Grateful Dead
Why Georgia – John Mayer
Soft Parade – the Doors
Ordinary People – John Legend
Love Supreme – John Coltraine
All the Things C# – Charles Mingus
I am always trying to lose weight!!! What tips can you give me?
1) Start EVERY morning, before getting out of bed, with 16 ounces of water.  You can leave it by your  bedside the night before.
2) Try to cut HALF the sugar out of your day.  Do you add 1 Tablespoon of sugar to your coffee? Try 1 1/2 teaspoons instead.  
3) Eliminate soda and diet soda.  Seltzer with lemon is a nice alternative.
4) Make a point of getting 7 hours of sleep a night.
5) Do not eat in the car – make it a rule.
What is the Feel Good Cleanse? 
After leading many JUICE ONLY cleanses, I wanted to host a cleanse that teaches people how to eat properly.  The Feel Good Cleanse has a smoothie, juices, soups and salads.  People are shocked to find without sugars, animal proteins and heavy carbs, they have 10 times the energy they are used to. AND they drop weight.  The cleanse is designed to be carried into people’s everyday lives, not  just while cleansing.


How hard is it to follow?




Super easy.  I lay EVERYTHING out very clearly and I am always available for support!




How long should I stay on the Feel Good Cleanse?


7-10 days for the ultimate experience. 


What should I expect from the Feel Good Cleanse?
You will have more energy, sleep better and drop some pounds.
What’s your Feel Good Tip of the day?

 Don’t waste one moment today not being YOU.


What was your workout today?  
 Barry’s Bootcamp!!!

Do you still teach spinning?
I do not. After many INCREDIBLE years of teaching and building businesses in the indoor cycling niche, I was ready to jump off the bike and enter into women’s lives in a more meaningful way.  I still love a great spin class!


How can I spend more time with you?
 Hire me as your private coach or join the Virtual Lifestyle Club! I will also be hosting some retreats and workshops on the East End of Long Island…stay tuned!!