Manik: The Gem of Courage and Strength

Throughout history, original manik stone has been associated with various symbolic meanings, including courage, strength, love, and protection. In Indian mythology, it was associated with the Sun, symbolizing vitality and bravery.

Across different cultures, legends, and myths have woven captivating stories about its creation and enchanting properties. From royal crowns to engagement rings, Manik has been cherished by aristocracy and romance seekers alike, earning the title of “Gem of Love and Romance.”

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Manik, exploring its history, significance, and beliefs surrounding its mystical properties.

History and Origins

The word “Ruby” originates from the Latin term “Rubeus,” which translates to “red.” Its captivating color and rarity made it a highly sought-after gem by rulers, nobles, and collectors alike. The deep red hue of Manik is due to the presence of the element chromium in its composition.

The earliest known mention of Ruby dates back to around 200 BC when ancient Sanskrit texts from India referred to it as “Ratnaraj,” meaning the “King of Gems.” In Indian mythology, it was believed that Rubies were created from the blood of Mother Earth. Ancient Hindus considered Manik to be a symbol of passion, love, and prosperity. Even in other cultures, this stone has been venerated for its redeeming qualities and strength that it emanates.

Symbolism and Significance

Over the centuries, Manik has been imbued with various symbolic meanings and attributes, making it a gemstone of great importance in different cultures and belief systems. The deep red color is reminiscent of the life force coursing through the veins, symbolizing courage, strength, and vitality. It empowers individuals with the ability to face challenges and conquer their fears. Buy a ruby ring online and wear it daily to feel this power within your mind, body, and soul.

In many cultures, it is considered a gem of love, capable of igniting and intensifying the flames of desire within relationships. Also, Manik is often seen as a talisman of protection against negative energies, evil spirits, and misfortune. It is believed to bring prosperity and success to its wearer.

You can enhance your communication skills and self-expression by wearing ruby every day. It helps articulate your thoughts and emotions more effectively, fostering better understanding and connection with others. The metaphysical properties of Manik are thought to be particularly beneficial for individuals in leadership roles. It is believed to sharpen leadership qualities, promote a sense of responsibility, and encourage fair decision-making.

Cultural Beliefs and Healing Properties

Manik is thought to bring emotional balance and stability to its wearer. It can promote self-confidence, dispel anxiety, and alleviate stress. Ayurvedic practitioners use Manik to address circulatory issues and improve blood flow, potentially aiding in the healing of various health conditions.

In alternative healing practices, the stone is associated with the heart chakra, and it is believed to support heart health and enhance one’s capacity to love and show compassion.

Wearing this gemstone is believed to instill courage, confidence, and determination in its wearer. It helps individuals overcome fears and challenges, enabling them to take bold steps towards their goals and ambitions.

How to Wear Manik for Courage and Strength

Before deciding to wear Manik for its believed benefits, consult a reputable gemstone expert like GemPundit well-versed in the principles of gem therapy. They can provide guidance on selecting the right gemstone and its appropriate usage based on individual needs and astrological considerations. These experts can analyze your birth chart and assess whether wearing Manik aligns with your astrological and spiritual needs.

Rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets set with rubies are popular choices. Select a high-quality gemstone to fully experience the gem’s benefits. Authenticity is essential to experience the gemstone’s intended benefits fully. Be careful when you buy a ruby ring online. Ask the seller for a lab certificate to prove the stone’s origin and purity before spending your money on this precious gemstone.

The ideal day to wear Manik is usually Sunday, as it is associated with the Sun, the ruling planet of this gemstone. The most auspicious time to wear it is during the morning hours, preferably during the Sun’s rising time.

Remember that the effects of wearing Manik can vary from person to person, and individual experiences with gemstones are subjective. Always trust your intuition and seek guidance from experts before incorporating Manik or any other gemstone into your life for its believed benefits.


Across cultures and time periods, this gemstone has been associated with courage, strength, love, and protection. From ancient civilizations to modern practices, Manik continues to hold a special place in the hearts of gemstone enthusiasts and believers in its mystical properties. Whether worn for its beauty or its perceived healing properties, Manik remains a gem that embodies the essence of human resilience and the enduring power of the human spirit.