Be More Luscious In 2013

A new year has started which means that you probably have a list of things that you want to accomplish. While it is true that when someone writes things down they are more likely to accomplish them, there is the other extreme that most people have diverted from their list of goals by the end of January. While a list is a good tool to have to stay on track, do not let it become your crutch. You can choose to have a luscious life at any time. Incorporating the following simple tips will help 2013 be a one to remember.



Acknowledge Your Accomplishments– Remember to stop and pat yourself on the back for the things that you accomplish instead of focusing on what stills needs to be done. Those baby steps that you take that are leading you to your goal are just as important. Remember to stop and give yourself around of applause along the way. Being grateful for the accomplishments will encourage you to keep going in the right direction.


Love Yourself More– Make this the year that you decide to love yourself without conditions. You are amazing. More importantly, you are enough. Stop making statements that you are not this or that, you are exactly as you need to be live life to the fullest. Let your beauty on the inside and out shine. Besides, confidence is what makes someone sexy.


love your self more

Make new friends– In this day and age of social media there are so many ways to hide behind a screen. Make it a point to get out and about to meet people who inspire you and are making waves in the world. It is quite easy to begin living life in a routine. Find new people who can be yeasayers to your goals and who can support you in the pursuit of life, love, and happiness.

Add more sensuality to your life– This is an area that is either avoided or forgotten when people get busy, in between partners, or bored with the partner that they have. Take time to do things that get your senses moving such as massages, tantric sex, cooking an extravagant meal or anything else that brings you pleasure. When the senses are awakened, pleasure becomes a part of everyday which is way more fun than feeling like you have to force yourself to find pleasure.

se nsualuty

Get a new haircut– It is amazing what a haircut can do for your swagger. Take a look at Michelle Obama who decided to get a new hairdo when she turned 50. While she already had it going on, she looks radiant. The right hairstyle can do wonders for how you feel about yourself. Get something that is unique to you and rock it out. If you do not want to cut your locks, there is always a sassy wig that has your name on it.

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