A little romance we all know goes a long way. So when I was given a bottle of Love Potion#1 by OdeParis even though I am happily married, I thought, hey why not try it and see?

Well, it worked and I love Love Potion! My husband took notice of this lovely scent and so did others I care about deeply – after all it’s engineered to attract and radiate love. The fragrance empowers you seduce the spirit of the one you desire; hey I am up for that idea!

Love Potion #1, so pretty in pink, is an Oriental Vanilla fragrance. Just so delicious to wear, it seems to kiss the skin with fresh Orange Blossoms, traditionally the hallmark of good fortune for blissful brides. Radiant tangy Pink Pepper and crisp Anjou Pear give the fragrance a sexy edge, bringing out your inner vixen you could say.

Personally I fell for the velvet heart of pure white Jasmine, so lush, so fresh. Sugar and spice you could say is the recipe here, for every enchanting floral note in the fragrance, there is a sexy kick like the essence of Licorice. It all smooths down though as you wear it, nuances of Coffee and Cream surface and Almond too, adding warmth to a sensual base of sweet Vanilla, Patchouli, and Cashmere Woods.

Much as I love it Love Potion #1 is not enough there are four fragrances in the Love Potion collection from OdeParis, can’t wait to try them all –

Next, I am looking forward to trying out #4 on my hubby, it’s crafted with more traditionally masculine elements I bet will smell swell on him.  Married, single, looking for love…

We all can use a little Love Potion (by OdeParis of course) in our lives, what did John Lennon say, “Love is all we need?” Well, like I said I love Love Potion and think we all will delight in finding  at least one fragrance in the collection that brings us the love we need, want, and just about can’t live without.


Love Potion by OdeParis is available on www.lordandtaylor.com.