I Love Larry


There are party planners and then there is Larry. 




I was determined not to have a boring Bar Mitzvah.   Living in Westchester, I had been subjected to many “low key affairs”.   Let’s face it there is nothing low key about me.  


larry party cake
Just a few desserts from Lawrence Scott Caterers



About 15 years ago, on a  flight from Miami I was seated next to a funny, engaging, 6’5 “ Larry Scott.  By the time we reached our cruising altitude Larry and I had formed a relationship.   He was already feeding me.   He is caterer extraordinaire .


I knew Larry was different and he was the one for me.  By the time we landed I told him I was hiring him for my son’s Bar Mitzvah  (my son was 10)  and he responded, “you’re never going to hire someone you met on a plane.”




How wrong he was!  A year later, we gave the required deposit to hold the date and Larry and we were on the way to planning a spectacular celebration.  


Larry delivered – an exceptional, one-of-a-kind celebration featuring  3 tents , one with a plexiglass dance floor over the swimming pool, featuring live coy on the tables,  models as servers, a 12 piece band , a and  dj, a ping pong  table with my sons image, games galore, orchids,  some which are still living in my house and Cirque du Soliel for a little  extra entertainment, god forbid my guests might be bored. An evening, that celebrated one of our family’s  most memorable moments and milestones, celebrated in style.  All I can say is if the music was still playing , my guests would still be there.  




The main tent at Alexander’s Bar Mitzvah



9 years later my friends are still talking about the party as if it just happened.  One friend, who goes to more events then you can imagine said ” It was the best party she would ever get to go to in her entire life.”






Larry (Lawrence Scott Events) is one of the most sought after event planners in the NY area and is known for his innovation and setting the trends.  A LARRY PARTY is a feast for the eyes — over the top dessert bars with delicious treats like fried yodels, oversize everything, infused cocktails, and unexpected touches (life size gold horses and cows scattered throughout an outdoor party). 




If you want spectacular, then you want LARRY.  (www.lawrencescottevents.com).