Lori Berkowitz’s Boudoir Photography Makes Women Feel Empowered

lori berkoitz boudoir photo



Photographer Lori Berkowitz empowers women by showcasing their sensuality in her Boudoir Studio.


When you meet the 5-foot-tall, fiery Lori Berkowitz, you’d never know she is the powerhouse behind having hundreds of women celebrate their sexuality in her studio each year.  Lori’s photography combines decades of professional experience with her innate sensitivity, to give her clients permission to let go and inhabit their most sensual selves during the sessions.  She wants to know “what makes you feel beautiful?” and then holds up her lens as a mirror for women to see the stunning beauty in their own reflection. By creating a safe space for clients to lavish in their inner glow, she’s giving women an empowering gift.  The New York-based photographer says, “Each woman’s sexuality is like their thumbprint, and what excites me most is capturing that unique essence, and having it spark a fire of self love inside my subject”.


Lori’s boudoir shoots are “opportunities to press the pause button on life”, and engage real women in feeling the strength of their own beauty. “Day to day our sexuality is diluted in our different roles as women,” Lori says “These images  become a tangible reminder to see yourself as a whole, and to let go of the prevailing media vision of what a woman is supposed to be.”


Lori’s midtown Manhattan studio is wonderfully indulgent, with full service hair and make up as well as many personal touches. She’ll have champagne or sparkling water chilled for your arrival.  When you walk in the door of her airy and welcoming space, be ready to have time stand still. Lori’s process is grounded in making each client feel comfortable and at ease, so she can lead them on this adventure.  “The joy, for me, is in being a catalyst for women to reconnect with the passion inside them. To me, that is what making art is.”

Testimonial REBECCA from Lori Berkowitz on Vimeo.