Looking for a Record Player? Here’s What You Should Know




The entertainment industry was about to witness the extinction of record players, but the old device keeps on reinventing itself. Record players have faced severe threats in the past three decades from other devices that advanced technology has brought. The classic form of music keeps proving that effort should be aimed at improvement and not a replacement.

Record players faced a fierce challenge when cassette players emerged, and people thought that no device would ever face the new technology. Cassettes were edged out when CDs we invented to modernize record players. It never stopped there, MP3 & MP4 technology almost swept the existing avenues, but we’re back to where it all started.

Even though record players are classic, people seem to know a little about the entertainment tool. Here’s what you should know;


The first aspect that you should observe is the cost of a record player. Contrary to what many people think about their prices, record players remain affordable. If you’re keen on owning one, a budget ranging from $40 to $1200 should start. It all depends on the performance and the amount you’re willing to spend.

With the market filled with plenty of record player options, choosing the right one can be challenging. Luckily for you, with the expert review for the top-leading record players at https://toprecordplayers.com/, it’s much easier to arrive at your desired option. The players come in different prices and features. Hence, with the comparisons, it’s easier to narrow your search.

Sound Quality

A budget should never be a cause of worry if all you care about is sound quality. It’s the needle (stylus), the speaker wattage, and audio components that determine the sound quality. When a record player’s body is large, it’s almost sure that it has a higher power. If you take a keen look at Auna record players and Soundmaster record players, you’ll realize that the device’s size dictates the energy and other functionalities.

Connection and Portability

The choice of a record player that you choose shouldn’t restrict you to one location. A device should be easy to move from one room to another in the pursuit of a better musical experience. If you would like to enjoy your thrill with your friend and colleagues, a portable record player will enhance your mobility desire.

While wireless record players are also portable, many people still find it challenging to notice the difference between the two instruments. Portable record players usually have foldable locks and handles that enable you to carry them like a suitcase. Unlike portable record players that need rechargeable batteries, wireless record players are perfect for parks.

USB Connectivity

If you harbor the interest of converting your recordings into digital audio files, consider buying USB record players. Converting an analog signal to digital may require you to use the USB cable on your Mac or a PC Window. Selecting record players with a USB port gives you a route to stick USB sticks to convert your recordings into vinyl.

Furthermore, devices with USB input features will allow you to listen to your favorite MP3 files via the record player’s speaker. Record players with USB output can only allow you to record vinyl into MP3 files.


Fully Automatic, Semi-automatic, or Manual

It depends on the functionality that gives you convenience. A fully automatic record player has an automatic tonearm and doesn’t need a person to move it toward the record and back at the beginning without requiring human intervention. A semi-automatic device will need you to put the tonearm manually on the recorder, but it returns to the beginning automatically when the record is finished. On the other hand, a manual record player needs human intervention for the tonearm to start and to return to its original place when the recording is over.


It’s great news that all record players look nice, but you’ll still hassle for the one that can suit your decoration ideas in the living room. Retro record players have proved instrumental when it comes to enhancing interior decorations. If you care about industrial interior décor, you should consider selecting wooden record players to match the surrounding.

With this necessary information, you can dive in and become the latest owner of a record player. Of course, you’ve realized how record players have accommodated technological advancement that other music devices possess. While other entertainment platforms restrict you from remaining a ‘couch potato,’ record players let you be part of the show. When the entertainment isn’t on, you can be sure that the device is solving your living room’s decoration taste.


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