Lingerie Styles and Colors by Personality Type



When you were little, you probably wore whatever underwear your mom picked out for you. Maybe you got those fun Days of the Week panties or some basic white cotton undies and training bras. You didn’t give much thought to your underwear—you put it on under your outfit, went to school and that was about it.

Now that you are a grown woman, you are realizing that you love the look and feel of sexy lingerie. But over coffee last week, your BFF told you all about her new set of briefs and boyshorts that she found on sale.

This got you to thinking: do certain personalities go with certain types and maybe colors of lingerie? As it turns out, the answer is a resounding “yes”—as the following examples show:

Adventurous: The Sexier, the Better

Women who are adventurous both in and out of the bedroom typically tend to gravitate to sexy lingerie. As an adventurous woman yourself, your underwear drawer doesn’t contain many “safe” cotton panties and white bras. Instead, you prefer a flirty and floral bra and panty set, or a gorgeous teddy. Since the color blue is often associated with adventurous types, you may also have a sky blue garter set in your bedroom, or a navy chemise and royal blue bustier.

Tomboys: Bring Out the Boyshorts

Your BFF, on the other hand, seems like a classic tomboy. In addition to telling you about her new boyshorts, she also mentioned going fly fishing this weekend and hiking with her kids. Tomboys tend to avoid lacy and frilly lingerie in favor of sports bras with matching briefs. Rather than girly girl pinks and fuchsias, tomboys usually buy underwear in shades of gray, white and black, as well as plaid briefs and boyshorts.

Girly Girls: Pink and More Pink

Maybe your niece in college is the total girly girl type. She adores all things pink and sparkly and is never without perfect nails and stylish accessories. Underneath that adorable pink Life is Good crusher T, she is probably sporting a pretty pink bra and matching panty set; it could be cotton or it could be shimmery and shiny. Either way, she likes wearing as much of her favorite color as she can and feels comfortable and confident doing so.

Mega Casual: Anything Goes

Some women are just-go-with-the-flow, happy-go-lucky sorts who really aren’t into fashion too much. They like comfy clothes that look good—but you probably won’t find them at the mall when the latest fashions hit the stores. For them, their lingerie is probably a rainbow of colors and fabrics in fairly basic styles. Undies are, to them, a necessary part of a wardrobe rather than a fashion statement. These laid-back ladies are usually wearing black or red or pink cotton panties—whatever they found on sale that fits—along with a basic bra.

The Hippy Gal: Bra May Be Optional

The true hippy gal of the 1970s could be found literally burning her bras. Nowadays, a bohemian-inspired woman may wear one when she feels she should, but she is also comfortable skipping this piece of lingerie, especially in the winter when she’s in a heavy sweater. The undies may be made from organic cotton, the more comfortable the better. Colors are also all over the rainbow, as life is too short to stick to a color scheme for lingerie.

Whatever Your Lingerie Style May Be, Embrace It!

While it seems to be true that certain personalities flock to certain types of lingerie in both styles and colors, the important thing is to find pieces that are comfortable and flattering and make you feel good. For many women, this seems to fit a certain pattern that matches their outgoing or casual nature and everything in between, and that’s perfectly wonderful!