You Too Can Have Luscious Lashes

I absolutely love that I can wake up, put on a little blush and lip gloss and I’m ready to go.eyelash_extensions

Eyelashes are the new breasts

Gineann Creaney is  Best of  Westchester’s editorial pick for eye lash extensions 2013. She has spent the last 4 years of her over 6 year long adventure in the eyelash  industry focusing strictly on lashes.
Perfecting her technique has now brought her to having a 4 weeks wait list for an appointment. 

But no worries ladies, Gineann has been training other lash stylist for 2 years and now has what refers to as her “Clone”.
Gineann and her clone Regina
Regina, Gineann’s sister graduated from cosmetology school already being a year into her Eyelash extension training.
Absorbing all the secrets Gineann had to offer put Regina ahead of other stylist at her level. Gineann’s level of perfection and customization comes from her absolute love for lashes and her clients which has now been passed on to her sister.
Regina,  has done my lashes as well.  I felt so relaxed , I actually fell asleep which enabled her to get on more lashes.
Maybe you can’t invest in larger breasts right now  but lashes can also give you an instant lift.
Have lashes for the Holiday Season
Have lashes for the Holiday Season

It’s an addictive beauty treatment 

Once you’ve seen yourself with long, full lashes, you’ll find it hard to see yourself without them. Eyes look bigger and surprisingly younger with a set of falsies in (and it doesn’t hurt that you don’t have to apply mascara).



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