Kimberly Butler’s “CENSORED” Photo Exhibition Kicks Off American Library Association’s “Banned Books Week”


Sept. 21, 2018: Opening Night Reception (by invitation only) Friday 5-8pm

Sept. 21-23: Free exhibition open to the public

Friday 12-4pm • Saturday 12-6pm • Sunday 12-5pm

SPACE38  28 West 38th St., Storefront, New York, NY 10018

For More Information: #KimberlyButlerCENSORED

  ADMISSION:  FREE to the Public

  “CENSORED” features 20 provocative photos from Kimberly Butler’s forthcoming book of the same name.

The photos Butler chose for this unique exhibition illustrate that “banning books silences stories” – the theme of this year’s “Banned Books Week” event – and that everyone needs to speak out against censorship. 

Butler’s “CENSORED” photos are “a personification of books that have all been banned at one time or another,” she explains, “with quotes from the books emblazoned across each person’s body.”  

She decided that an exhibition like “CENSORED,” a thought-provoking reminder of the dangers of censoring or banning books, is timely and relevant now more than ever given the recent attacks by

President Donald J. Trump on journalists, media organizations, and the First Amendment. 




ABOUT KIMBERLY BUTLER:  “There is nobody like Kimberly Butler” – author Neil Gaiman

Kimberly Butler has photographed hundreds of celebrities and world leaders including five U.S. presidents. Her credits include covers of New York Times best sellers and gallery shoots for major broadcast networks.

She was also a regular contributor to PEOPLE magazine for more than a decade.  Butler has traveled extensively in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker in Jordan,

Jerusalem, Gaza, and Chechnya.  For the past two decades she has been the creative force behind the American Library Association’s Celebrity “READ” poster series, exhibited nationwide in public schools and libraries.

Butler is a native New Yorker and lives in Manhattan. 


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