Keep Your Feet Happy

In America, there’s been precious little in terms of winter precipitation and severe weather for much of the past decade or so, so it’s reasonable that maybe we got a little complacent with our winter-wear. Heck, the past couple years, in some areas of the country, “flip-flops” were considered typical footwear for that Thanksgiving trip to grandma’s. Well, it’s obvious that we’ve been getting off easy winter-wise. January of 2014 has been a parade of frozen pipes, stranded cars, cancelled classes, and general polar vortex-derived misery. Suddenly, we all have to remember what things like “long underwear,” snow tires,” and “boots” are.

Now, nobody’s saying that “going outside” or “enduring the cold snap” is going to be a party. The crackling fire and hot drink sounds like a far better means of staying comfortable during this egregiously cold nonsense weather. Unfortunately, sometimes, we need to go out in it. While there isn’t much room for style in the puffy parka and long johns combo, at least you can find a stylish and comfortable method for keeping the toes warm with a pair of the Winter Moon faux-fur-lined suede boots available from

suede boots

Hey, it’s Groundhog Day.  Perhaps that scruffy little rodent (groundhogs are rodents, right?) will have pity on us and cut loose this awful thing we call winter early this year, and open the door for a long, temperate spring, during which time we can cut down on the amount of fur lining in our footwear, going for something a little sportier, like the ankle-high Adora, maybe with something else inconceivable today, like bare legs.


We can drift lovingly from that temperate, early spring (thanks, groundhog!) into a balmy, hazy summer filled with good reasons to go outside. Rather than the salt sprinkled on our front walks, we can enjoy the salt of an ocean breeze, treading the warm evening sand in a pair of reef’s Ocean Mist beach sneakers. Ah, summer.  Aren’t we glad it’s here already?


What, it’s not? It’s still in the teens outside, and my neighbors keep trying to park but their car keeps scooting sideways past their driveway like a bar of soap? Well, tomorrow is another day and I’ve got things to do.

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