Ka-Pop!!! A healthy delicious snack that is acceptable for any diet

Have you ever heard of Sorghum? It’s expected to become the next “celery juice” of food trends. Rich in essential vitamins, this Ancient Grain has been passed down thousands of years and has never been genetically modified or crossbred. It happens to be the main ingredient in Ka-Pop! Snacks. Ka-Pop! chips are the perfect salty and crunchy healthy alternative to chips, and just as addictive (trust me!)  Made with just sorghum, seasonings, and cold-pressed oil; there is no confusion on the nutrition label. The best part: Ka-Pop! Chips are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and top 12 allergen-free.

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • New dessert flavor—Cinnamon Churro- has less than 5g of sugar per serving Ka-Pop!
  • Chips come in five delicious flavors including Rosemary Garlic, Dairy-Free Cheddar, Red and Green Sriracha, Salt and Vinegar, and Olive Oil and Sea Salt.
  • Available on Amazon and other nationwide retailers.