Just Be You. a Very Special PSA by a Westchester Mom

Ali Lambert Voron

Please watch & SHARE this powerful PSA about self confidence & inner beauty. It moved me. I promise it will move you too.


Just Be You is a movement to inspire people of all ages to love and accept themselves just as they are.



When  Ali Lambert Voron was diagnosed with alopecia universalis at sixteen years old and lost all of her hair, she was forced to confront her own perception of beauty and find her own path while facing adversity. After baring her head and living her life as a bald woman for over two decades, she realized that beauty cannot not be measured by others, and only you can choose fight or flight.

It was this realization that led Chappaqua mom Ali Lambert Voron

to start Just Be You, a movement to inspire people to love and accept themselves just as they are.





For more information about Just Be You, go to www.justbeyou.org.

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