Joya by JY Puts Focus on Cocktail Dresses, Yoga Wear and Casual Attire

E-Commerce Business Expands Outreach and Focuses on Establishing Specific Attire-Styles

 Judy Roizner and Yael Meoded partnered together to create Joya by JY, a user-friendly online platform that focuses on fashion apparel. Joya by JY is catered to provide products to customer who are seeking certain looks within a certain price range. Their outreach continues to expand via their three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.         


On optimizing their brand’s outreach, the partners have focused on both quality and accessibility. “Our goal is to offer you a seamless and personalized shopping experience that allows you to assemble great-looking outfits that match today’s stylistic trends and are of a good quality.” Roizner also shares: “Joya by JY makes it easy and effortless for you to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Inspired by the fast pace of the international cities we visit and with direct access to the fashion and accessories industry, we are able to always provide you with the newest and hottest items so that you can look stylish every season, wherever you are in the world. “

Joya by JY’s publishes the latest fashion trends from large scale and high-end fashion brands. Their inventory includes:

  • cocktail dresses
  • yoga wear
  • casual attire
  • jewelry
  • accessories


About Joya by JY: Joya by JY was created by partners Judy Roizner and Yael Meoded, who both shared personal-shopper backgrounds as well as similar goals, and passion for fashion and accessibility. The online company is Hong Kong based with production taking place in mainland China. The easy-to-use online fashion and shopping platform is aimed to serve women who want to look fashionable in every occasion while being comfortable and frugal. 


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