Jill Brooke brings the world The 1st Daily Floral News Site

Bedford resident Jill Brooke has started what the New York Post proclaimed as the “first daily floral news site.”
Flowers make people happy and bring joy,” says Brooke, whose site flowerpowerwithjill.com looks at how flowers are used to enhance celebrations,  fashion, decor, jewelry, wellness and art.
Aside from a story on Fifty Shades of Flowers – how flowers 
have historically been used for seduction – http://www.flowerpowerwithjill.com/fifty-shades-of-flowers-how-flowershave-been-used-for-seduction/, – and how Chanel will continue to use the camellia flower as its fashion icon, she just reported on the Oscars of flower design – the FTD World Cup at the Philadelphia Flower Show.
FTD World Cup at the Philadelphia Flower Show
Here are some pictures that really dazzle.

Bedford Hills resident, Vanessa H. Smith shot the video. Here’s a look if you can’t make the Philadelphia Flower Show this weekend.