‘Ice Bath’ Craze Freezes the Internet, Thanks to Celebs and Their Chilly Escapades


In a twist colder than your ex’s heart, Google searches for ‘Ice Bath‘ have exploded by a mind-numbing 536%, creating a chillwave of interest that would make even Frosty the Snowman shiver. It seems like everyone and their grandma (probably with icicles in her hair) is jumping into the frozen trend, and we’ve got celebrities to thank for it!

According to a deep dive into the frosty abyss of Google data, searches for ‘Ice Bath’ and ‘Ice Baths‘ have shot up by 245% and 268% in the past five years, making it the coolest trend since disco. In the last two decades, ‘Ice Bath’ searches have skyrocketed like a polar bear doing a cannonball into icy waters – a whopping 536%, to be precise.

But wait, there’s more brain-freezing news! Searches for ‘Cold Plunge Tub’ have hit an all-time high, soaring by 177% in the last 12 months. It seems people are diving headfirst into the deep freeze, searching for more ways to turn their bathrooms into winter wonderlands.

Leading the pack of frozen trendsetters is none other than Courteney Cox, who recently graced Instagram with a frosty snapshot of herself in an ice bath, complete with wetsuit socks. In interviews, she gushed, “I thought I would hate it, but I love it so much. I feel great for hours afterward… the dopamine hit you get from it lasts a long time. Do it. Really, it’s worth it.” That’s right, folks – ice baths: endorsed by Monica Geller herself.

Other celebs are taking the plunge (literally) into the icy craze. Chris Hemsworth starts his day with an ice bath and follows it up with a post-workout sauna, because apparently, regular showers are so last season. Lady Gaga uses ice baths to manage everything from chronic pain to battling fibromyalgia, and Hailey Bieber swears by cold plunges to keep anxiety at bay, proudly proclaiming on TikTok, “Cold plunging has helped me a lot with anxiety and overall mood.” Who knew submerging yourself in freezing water could be so therapeutic?

This celebrity-fueled craze has sent people around the globe frantically searching for ‘ice bath benefits,’ with a whopping 334% increase in the last five years. Nothing says “self-care” like willingly subjecting yourself to an Arctic dip.

Commenting on the findings, William Taft, CEO of Fitness Brand and a certified expert (no, not in snowball fights) by the American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA), remarked, “This year has seen a massive spike in celebrities using ice baths for various reasons. It’s interesting to see such an immense spike in searches in January for people considering making it their new resolution goal and implementing it into their routine. Ice bath benefits can include improved circulation, reduced inflammation, boosted immune system, mental resilience, improved sleep patterns, and enhanced muscle recovery. It’s essential to consult your doctor before taking a cold plunge to see if it would personally work for you or if you are undergoing any medical treatment. But hey, if celebs can do it, why not give it a shot? Just don’t blame us if you turn into a human popsicle!”