I Was the First Influencer, but I Am Not the Number One Influencer (Yeah, I Know, Shocking, Right?)


In the dark ages of the internet, before cat videos and memes ruled the world, and when Facebook and Twitter were mere toddlers, I took my first steps into the digital wilderness. LinkedIn was the awkward guy in the corner, and the word “blog” sounded more like a mystical incantation than a digital diary. What’s crazier? I kicked off my influencer journey after watching a video on Blogger.com! Fast forward 16 years, and even your neighbor’s dog with an Instagram account is out there chasing brand deals.

The Dawn of Influence

Back in those days, social media platforms were still figuring themselves out, much like teenagers in a high school drama. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were all about making friends and sharing vacation photos, not about conquering the internet. The term “influencer” was as elusive as a unicorn with a selfie stick.

Blogs, the Elders of the Internet

So, here’s the story: I watched a tutorial on Blogger.com, and with newfound wisdom and determination, I managed to create my blog in just two hours. Not to brag, but that’s faster than most people spend deciding what to watch on Netflix. This marked the beginning of my daily blogging quest, a journey that has outlasted countless fashion trends and pop culture fads.

The Evolution of Influence

As social media platforms evolved, the idea of influence began to mutate. Brands soon realized that people with online followings had more power than a cat with a laser pointer. Thus, the era of influencer marketing was born! Brands started knocking on my virtual door, and my followers grew faster than mold on a forgotten sandwich in the back of the fridge.

But here’s the punchline: while I was grateful for the opportunities and recognition, I couldn’t help but feel like a grandfather at a rave. I missed the days when influence was about real connections and not just brand collaborations.

The Great Reckoning

Over time, I’ve come to a shocking revelation – being a digital pioneer doesn’t automatically make me the head honcho of influencers. In fact, there’s no single “top influencer” because influence is as subjective as pineapple pizza toppings – some people love it, some people are convinced it’s an abomination.

Embracing the Evolution with a Chuckle

As a digital dinosaur, I’ve learned to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of influence with a hearty laugh. I’ve witnessed the industry grow and transform, and I’ve adapted to the ever-shifting digital terrain. Sure, I might not be the influencer equivalent of a superstar, but I take pride in the connections I’ve made and the smiles I’ve generated.

And let’s not forget, I’ve hosted as well as attended countless events. I’ve tasted food from restaurants that have become fabulous and some that, well, let’s say were more unforgettable than delicious. I’ve even become a bona fide Broadway aficionado, applauding and groaning at all the right moments.

What’s more, I’ve become a go-to resource for countless people, offering tips, insights, and a sprinkle of humor. Despite all the changes, I love what I do today more than I did when I started – it’s been a wild and wacky journey, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But wait, there’s more: I’ve made so many great friends along the way, fellow travelers on this digital odyssey. They’ve been there for the highs and lows, the hits and misses, and together we’ve formed a community that’s as real as it gets in the virtual world.

There’s more: I have truly left my comfort zone, trying new classes, modeling, and even venturing into the world of public speaking. I’ve been on ABC, NBC, CBS, WPIX, and Fox TV, sharing my unique journey with the world. I’ve raised money for great causes, attended premieres, and had more beauty treatments than you can imagine. It’s been a rollercoaster of experiences, and I’ve loved every thrilling moment.

In conclusion, I started my blog after watching a Blogger.com tutorial over 16 years ago, and it’s been a wild and wacky journey. So what if I’m not the kingpin of the influencer world? What truly counts is the genuine connections I’ve formed, the laughter I’ve shared, and the delightful experiences I’ve had along the way. Influence is about quality, not quantity, and I’m proud to be part of this ever-evolving, slightly absurd community of content creators and influencers.