Hygge-fy Your Home this Winter


We may be halfway through winter, but there’s still plenty of cold weather and snow in store for us. Our home becomes our sanctuary and the place where we’re spending a majority of our time during the chilly winter months.With that in mind, we want to make sure we’re finding our space to be full of comfort and coziness. That’s where the Scandi principle of hygge has the potential to make a great impact.

Hygge, which is actually pronounced “hoo-gah,” is based on a lifestyle found in many Scandinavian countries. It is all about finding inner contentment and happiness by making yourself as comfortable and cozy as possible. If you’re skeptical, you shouldn’t be. Scandinavian countries are frequently ranked as the happiest in the world, with hygge playing a large role, despite their long and hard winters.

While it may seem like a simple enough concept, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate hygge into your home. It’s not all blankets and sweaters afterall. Here is a list of some ways you can hygge-fy your home for what’s left of this winter and reap the benefits of this way of life.

Find Serenity Through Color

While the color of your walls or the color scheme of your decor may seem inconsequential to you, color actually plays a large role in your mental wellbeing. Refresh your home’s color palette by making some changes. Paint your walls with colors proven to reduce stress, like soft blues or light greys. Keep similar colors in mind when choosing your decor as well. These calming and comforting hues can make you feel lighter, making it easier for you to relax and help you find comfort in your home.

Revamp Your Bed

Your bed is the ultimate source of comfort and coziness. After all, there is no place we’d rather go to after a long day! But you need to be sure that your bed is helping you in finding comfort and not hindering it. A bad mattress is all too often responsible for poor sleep and body pain. Make sure you’re not suffering and get a mattress of quality and comfort. From there, you should make sure you’re outfitting your bed with all the essentials. This will differ depending on personal preference and whether you get too hot or cold at night. Either way, be sure you have the right accessories to ensure you’re finding your bed to be the most relaxing place you can find.

Use Fire Elements

Nothing screams comfort and warmth quite like a fire. When adding some element of fire into your home, you have three options. One is quite simple; if you already have a fireplace, use it. Don’t let this beautiful feature of your home go to waste and take advantage of the coziness that comes with sitting next to a crackling fire as the snow falls outside. If you aren’t fortunate enough to already have a fireplace, don’t fret. There are options for electric heaters that look like fireplaces. That way you get the fireplace look and heat without worrying about maintaining an actual fire. Last, there is the small and simple route. Candles offer you the flicker of a flame with the added benefit of your favorite scent. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be greeted with the simple coziness that can be found in the glow of a fire.

Try Some Kitchen Comfort

Comfort isn’t only found in the warmth of your bed or under a soft blanket. Your kitchen has great potential to provide you with some of the best comfort possible; they do call it “comfort food” for a reason! This is a great time of year to try some new wintery comfort food recipes out yourself. Hearty and comforting food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, as there are plenty of options for the more health-conscious among us. Still, you’ll be provided that sense of comfort that only food can bring.


There it is! Living the hygge lifestyle isn’t all fuzzy blankets and warm sweaters. These ideas can help you hygge-fy your home this winter and find happiness through comfort before the season’s over.


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