Hungry for Over-the-Top Deliciousness: Exploring the Indulgent Delights of @elmstreetdiner

Prepare your appetite, because @elmstreetdiner is the ultimate destination for those who are seriously hungry. With larger-than-life portions and mouthwatering dishes, this diner is sure to satisfy your cravings. Get ready to indulge in a variety of extravagant options that are guaranteed to make your taste buds dance. From their famous Cinnamon Toast Crunch cheesecake pancakes to the irresistible Oreo red velvet pancakes and Nutella Reese’s churro French toast, the menu is filled with “social media superstars” that are as delicious as they are Instagram-worthy.

But the indulgence doesn’t stop there. The Elm Street Diner also offers an array of super fun shakes and more, ensuring there’s something for everyone. After careful consideration, we couldn’t resist trying the Smashrito – a heavenly combination of a hamburger topped with Mac and cheese, all served with a syringe 💉 of chipotle mayo. Trust us when we say it’s the best thing you’ll ever taste 😋😋😋

So whether you’re exploring the Connecticut or Westchester food scene, or simply seeking foodie fun, be sure to add @elmstreetdiner to your list. Get ready to capture some food porn and share your delicious experiences with the world. #connecticuteats #westchestereats #foodiefun #foodporn #foodstagram #foodblogger

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Elm Street Diner Opening A Second Location in Norwalk in 2024!


Elm Street Diner Opening A Second Location in Norwalk in 2024!

Elm Street Diner
463 Elm Street
Stamford, CT 06902