How Will Medical Treatment Look 20 Years from now?

 There is no telling what could happen in the future, but following the same logic, we can’t put any limitations on the future either. When you apply this way of thinking to the future of medical treatment, the potential can be mind-blowing! Keep in mind that it was only recently that clinical research had started uncovering the potential of CBD when it comes to alleviating muscle aches and improving sleep quality, among other things.



While this proves that we can’t accurately tell what might happen, there are a lot of predictions and expectations based on clinical research and the current work-in-progress. Here’s what we expect medical treatment to look like in twenty years.

Proactivity Will Increase

Currently, we only know a little about our own health. More often than not, we are met with a condition that forces us to book an appointment with a specialist. What if we become aware? What if we can know when our health is deteriorating so we can take proactive measures? There are already some smartwatches and devices out there that collect data on your weight, heart rate, daily walking distance, and more. In a few years, it is expected that technology would be able to help us monitor our vital signs and patterns through any smart device. From there, it is easy to sync the acquired information with your doctor’s database or have an application to recommend health improvements based on the gathered data.

Medicine Will Become Customizable

Because of the vast genetic differences we have, it is normal for the same medicine to have a different effect on each person, which is why a field of study called pharmacogenomics is now dedicated to assessing and understanding the effects of genes on drug metabolism. Not just that, but some people are already tapping into customized medicines and supplements, and you can see website to learn how online pharmacies all over the world are helping patients gain access to personalized medications. The hope for the future is to have medicines that are perfectly tailored to every individual’s needs to guarantee that each dose will yield the best results. When it comes to chemotherapy, these advances in drug efficiency are expected to lead to a significantly higher success rate.

The Rise of Nano-medicine

With the rate by which technology is advancing, the possibility of having microscopic machines operating within our bodies is not far off. Not only will scientists be able to tackle physical problems from the inside, with an accuracy level that deals with organs on a molecular level, but they might also be able to rewrite genes. If this seems far off, remember that Elon Musk has recently introduced a brain chip that has the potential of connecting our consciousness to machines. It is already expected to see more developments in the field of micro and nano-technology within the next two to three years.

It’s hard to argue that the future looks anything but bright. While certain technological advancements bring with them a moral grey area, the fact remains that if we are able to advance enough to get ourselves into a grey area, we can find a way out of it. The best thing we can do now is to keep an open mind about the studies, theories, and research developed because who knows what will trigger the next great leap in the field of medicine!


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