How to Wear the PVC Trend this Winter


Patent leather and its vegan cousin remain unsurprising trend highlights for the winter. From trousers to coats, PVC has made it to cold weather with a fun spin. PVC trend combines fashion with function to deliver an effortless, relaxed style with the desired touch. Here are some new ways to wear the PVC trend this winter.

PVC Pants Combined with A Long Coat


Combine PVC trousers with a long coat from wholesale boutique clothing to look casual. A padded jacket will beat off the cold; choose a style with a hood or faux fur. A leather jacket will ensure added warmth and protect you from freezing. The combination of PVC pants, a long coat, and a jacket will make you feel ready for some snowing action.

A White Shirt and PVC pants


When combined with white, everything appears luxurious and elegant. A white shirt is a winter essential so team it with high-gloss black vinyl to create an outfit that is both streamlined and sparkling. PVC is also a trend that is highly versatile when it comes to mixing and matching. Wear PVC pants with a casual denim-style shirt for a more casual look. If you want to make the outfit pop take a cue from the runway, daring looks have been seen on the catwalks with just a shirt and trousers.

PVC Shoes With a Leather Jacket


Individuals love how these shoes look and stand out in a crowd. The popularity of these shoes comes from the fact that they make your outfit fun and stylish. Your brand-new leather jacket from wholesale boutique clothing will easily withstand the cold weather as you strut your PVC-clad feet across town. The combination looks great and makes for an outfit that will make heads turn.

Pink Jacket with PVC Trousers


Combine wool and fur coats if you like a sharp aesthetic. Go ahead and throw color into the mix; bold colors such as hot red and pink always appear great with PVC pants—Mix PVC pants with a pink coat and white shirt to create a shiny and stylish look.

When purchasing a coat at wholesale women clothes, look for a multi-functional style; this will ensure maximum use throughout the winter. Avoid hefty jackets, as they may be too bulky and affect your appearance.

PVC Pants with Thick-Sole Boots


Wear thick-sole boots and PVC trousers with a black sweater and get the look for winter perfect; this appearance is a true classic and fashion-forward. The combination of PVC pants with thick-sole boots gives your outfit a polished look.

Oversized Sweater with PVC Pants

Select a used effect pullover designed to amplify the glossy finish of PVC pants. Oversized sweaters available at wholesale women’s clothes are a winter essential and great for layering; pair them with vinyl pants to create an urban look with a twist. It is a simple style that is edgy yet fashionable.


A classic look and an ever-popular trend, PVC clothing will always have a place in your wardrobe. The one thing that you can’t do is underestimate PVC. It is here to stay, and you must own up to the fashion element of the trend this winter or risk being left behind.