How to Treat Your Special Someone in Five Ways

Whether married, in a relationship, or just dating, making your significant other feel loved is essential. Making your partner feel understood, heard and wanted can help strengthen your bond and improve their overall health.

Touch is one of the most effective methods to express your affection. Oxytocin, a hormone that helps you feel bonded to a person, is released during hugs, kisses, and prolonged touches on the arm or face.

Do Something Sweet

While you may not want to spend much money, buying your significant other something they’ve been dreaming of can make them feel special. It shows that you know them and what they want, and it’s a surprise. It doesn’t just apply to girls but also to boyfriends. You can buy them jewelry like a Cuban chain. Getting them something is an expression of love and appreciation in your relationship. 

Another great idea is to take one of her most minor favorite house chores and do it for her instead. She’ll be surprised and appreciate that you took the time to do this for her.

Go the Extra Mile

Going above and above is one of the best ways to make your significant other feel memorable. It is a term from Jesus’s sermon on the Mount, and it means to do more than was expected or to give extra effort towards something you want to achieve.

You can do this by showing your appreciation for all that they do. By doing little things like sending them a handwritten letter or buying them a special gift, you can show them that they are essential to you.

Sending your partner a letter or getting them a present when they get back is a thoughtful way to let them know how much they matter to you, whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not. You can also include a cute poem to add a romantic touch.

Pay Special Attention

Giving your significant other the attention they deserve is a great way to make them feel special. But it can be challenging when you’re constantly distracted or have a lot on your plate.

When this happens, it can feel like your relationship is deteriorating.

To make your partner feel special, pay attention to what they say and ask questions that show they matter. It’s a great way to build a stronger relationship.

Another way to make your partner feel special is by taking them on a fun date. It could mean going to the zoo or visiting their favorite museum.

Be Affectionate

Showing affection is one of the most basic ways to make your partner feel special. It can come in many forms, including hugs, kisses, or holding hands.

Being affectionate isn’t easy, and it can be difficult for some people to open up about their feelings. However, communicating is essential to get your partner to appreciate you more.

If you’re trying to be more affectionate, start by noticing small things your partner does (and doesn’t do) throughout the day. It’s easy to forget when you’re busy, so pay attention and act on those little moments.