How to Spend Time Together When You’re Busy



Do you find your spouse getting busier and busier? Maybe you feel as though you are also super busy. With that being said, it’s important to find time to spend together as significant others. Spending time together when you’re busy can feel like hit or miss, which is why you need these tips in your life.


Make the time to call or text each other

Busyness shouldn’t mean you do not communicate with each other. Thanks to technology, being able to call or text your SO is more possible now that it has ever been.


Take the time to call each other at a time that is convenient for both. If you can, send each other a quick text here and there as well. These small ways of communication may not be directly spending time with each other, but it does count.


Schedule out time together

Some couples have all the time in the world to spend together. Other couples do not and that’s why you are needing to find ways to spend time together. Schedule a time each week in which you can spend time together.


It can literally be anything and doesn’t need to be fancy. Just make sure it’s something that is relaxing and not stressful!


Time together can include watching a movie, going bowling, sitting down on the couch cuddling, playing a board game together. Do whatever it takes to spend time together!


Meet up with your spouse for lunch

If you both work, then you know how hard it can be to spend time together. One way you can combat this is by meeting up with your spouse for lunch.


Most jobs allow you to have 30-60 minutes of lunch time. This is the perfect about of time to sit outside and have a picnic together. Go to the car and sit and chat.


This is also great if you have kids and they’re in school. It’s time for just you two to enjoy! Make this a habit and do it once a week. Remember it’s about the quality of time that you get to spend together, not the quantity.


Make your partner a priority

It is so easy to make laundry, work, or dishes a priority and brush your spouse to the side. At the end of the day, all of the “other” stuff will be there. However, your spouse needs you now and they need to know you value them.


Nothing says “I value you” more than spending time with someone. It’s quite amazing what this can do for a relationship.


Even when it doesn’t seem easy, making them a priority can really help your relationship. Even allowing them to vent to you is sometimes the best “time” you can spend together.


Go to bed at the same time

This may sound odd, but give it a try. If you like to stay up late and your partner doesn’t, it can make them feel extra lonely. Talk to your spouse and work out a time that works for you both.


Going to bed at the same time forces you to chat a little bit, ask about each other’s day, and just end things on a good note.


Going to bed together could give you time to be intimate and even cuddle a little bit before drifting off to dreamland.


It may take a while to get used to going to bed at the same time together, but keep working on it and it will happen.


Wake up early and watch the sunrise together

Couples miss out on so much because their lives are so busy. Don’t miss out on the chance to spend time together, even if it’s a small way. Just like some couples find a few minutes to spend together by going to bed early, try waking up early together.


Watching the sunrise and maybe having coffee together, this is what life is all about and the perfect way to spend time together, even when you’re busy.


Spend 10 minutes talking each and every day

When both spouses are busy, it’s so simple to drift apart. The busier you are, the more effort you have to put into making things work.


An old trick for spending time together is to simply spend time talking. Just know that each and every day, you will need to spend 10 minutes talking. Don’t make it a punishment, but do make it a priority and have fun with it.


So, the next time you or your spouse things you’re too busy to spend time together, rethink it. Don’t forget that a knockout post like this is possible because of these tips! Make sure you follow them.


How do you spend time with your spouse or partner when you’re busy? I’d love to hear your tips!