How to save money with the ibotta app


Online deals can help you save money. All that you need to do is identify products that are available for purchase at discount or through retailers who are offering promo codes and other forms of money-saving techniques when shopping. Doing so will help you save more although it may take a little extra work to accumulate some additional savings. The ibotta app is compatible with all smartphones and is an ideal way to save money when shopping.


How ibotta works


The first step is to download the app first on any smart device. Secondly, ensure that you unlock the rebates. You may earn points by shopping online or in-store on the app. That way, you get cash rewards at popular shopping outlets. You may shop to get the cashback rewards at the entertainment and hospitality outlets, grocery shops, clothing, and beauty products outlets. Finally, purchase verification through scanning of the bar code ensures your cash rewards reimbursement. You may then transfer the cash rewards to your PayPal and withdraw. But first, you have to attain the set cash limit that is usually five dollars or more.


Ways to save money with the ibotta app


1. Gift cards


By reviewing gift cards available from your favorite brands, you qualify for instant refunds. On the home screen, you will find the gift card section where you can browse your favorite retailers, and buy the gift cards at a discount of up to 10%. Walmart, Kroger, and Bath and Body works are popular brands where you can earn up to ten percent instantly on gift cards.


2. Referral codes


When you sign up for the app, you will get a welcome bonus. But to qualify for the welcome bonus, you need a referral code. Though ibotta does not use the MLM strategy, using a referral code enables you to earn more money. You may refer friends and family to use the same referral code to multiply your welcome bonus. When you sign up through a referral code, you will also receive notifications on new deals. Building teams on ibotta app also enables you to benefit from the team rebates that they disburse regularly.


3. Ibotta bonuses


Different retailers offer different bonuses. On your ibotta app, you may check for instructions on how to earn bonuses. You earn bonuses by completing various tasks, redeeming purchases from specific outlets, and reviewing and buying products that they feature on the app. You may team up with friends and family members to get more bonuses. Reviewing the app regularly will ensure that you do not miss out on new bonus deals.


4. Linking all loyalty cards to ibotta app


Most retailers offer loyalty cards to encourage repeat sales from their existing customers. Linking them to the ibotta app will make it possible to redeem cashback at checkout. Ibotta has retailer preferences. But with so many online and in-store retailers already signed up, you will benefit from shopping from your favorite retailer on the app.


Other ways to save money on the app include the online sales cashback, product offers that dealers advertise regularly, and learning how to get free coupons. Through the ibotta app, you will save money every day on groceries and other items too.