How to Recover Lost Photos with Data Recovery Software?


For a traveler, nothing can be worse than travelers’ diarrheal. Or perhaps losing the photos might be an even bigger issue. If you ask me, I will gladly accept travelers’ diarrheal over losing my precious photos.

Imagine you are on a fabulous trip where you have taken hundreds of photos. But due to uncertain events, you have deleted or lost the photos. You cannot find them in their regular location.

Trust me; this can make your body numb, you might also lose your reasoning ability. And as most of you know, we do have data recovery software to handle such issues; only a few of us know how struggling the whole recovery process can be if you have chosen the wrong application. Do you want to see how I recovered my photos? Check it out.

Recover Lost Photos with Data Recovery Software

I have lost many files and folders, and these happened when I was not aware of data recovery software. The software I am currently using is the iBoysoft data recovery software. It is a new generation software with all the solutions a photo maniac like me can ever hope for.

Despite offering solutions and convenience, using it for the first time without any prior knowledge is really fast and easy. Plus, there is a perk of using iBoysoft software – You get a free trial version with 1GB free data recovery. Once you get hold of the software, you can always buy the subscription to unlock the premium features.

1. Download & Install

The first step is to download data recovery software from a secure URL address. However, be very vigilant. Most of the websites are infected by viruses (Especially free software websites), and downloading software from those kinds of websites exposes your system to malware and virus infection.

The best way to get hold of this problem is to always download software from its official website. This ensures that you are not downloading any infected software.

2. Launch the Software

Once you have launched the software, open the software. When you open the software, you will be able to see all the active drives on the software interface. Select the drive you want to scan.

3. Scan

Now that you have selected the drive and click scan to initiate the scanning process. This software has two scan modes.

Quick Scan: A Quick scan helps the user scan all the deleted files and recover them.

Deep Scan: A deep scan is helpful when you want to recover data that has been lost even a long time ago.

These two scan modes help the users find all types of data and help the users recover them.

4. Preview

Once the scanning process is completed, all the data collected in the scan will be arranged and will be shown on the screen. You can hover through the data and preview to see which data you want to recover.

5. Recover

Recovery is the final step to ensure you get back all your data. This process is time-consuming and can even take more than a couple of minutes. This process involves downloading the data you have selected to recover.

Note: Before recovering selected data, ensure that you have selected a drive for the data to recover.

Final Thoughts

There you have it; now you know how you can recover your lost photos with the practice of data recovery. It is a good idea to have data recovery software in case something worse happens. But amidst all these things, most people forget about data backups.

Data backup is very important and offers an instant solution to recover lost data. If you are finding it hard to get hold of a good data recovery software, why not try our recommendation: iBoysoft data recovery software.