How to recover from a “diet disaster”

When you’re trying to lose weight, please don’t think that one misstep, one off-day, one anything is a diet deal breaker. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Remember your plan, lean on your support system, keep a positive attitude and anything is possible.

When you do fall off your plan (we’re only human after all!), you can recover with my Protein Day Strategy. A Protein Day is a super-effective tool that will help you reset your eating patterns by eating primarily protein. A Protein Day could look like:

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, any style, or a 4 to 6-egg-white vegetable omelet
  • Lunch: grilled chicken, fish or any protein over greens with a very, very light dressing
  • Optional snack: an orange of ½ a banana
  • Dinner: same as lunch plus perhaps some steamed vegetables
  • No snack, no dairy, no alcohol

Then you should be back on track and ready to dive back into routine life. Get more of my guidance and advice through my healthy eating framework, THE FOOD FIX, and you’ll be able to live your life, not your diet. Sign up and learn more atThe Food Fix Use the code FF17 at checkout for 25% off.