How to Prep Up for Your 2019 Prom Eve


The new year has already kick-started with what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion world. Red carpet events and socialite galas are under close observation for who is wearing what? With so much buzz going on in the fashion world, it only makes sense why teenage girls are fretting over how to dress on their upcoming prom nights. High school proms are important for the last and single most memorable event before graduating into the real world. However, there is something else besides all the pals and memories of this event that makes the girl folks nervous. Prom nights for high school girls are no less than the Met Gala for celebrities.

Even if you are already a fashion queen, it is totally normal to get confused about how to dress on prom night. It is not your fault but the pressure of pulling off the prom queen title does create that kind of a panic. There was a time when prom preps were not only about the right dress and accessories but also shedding the pounds. Girls would lose all their esteem because they did not belong to a certain body type that was endorsed by the fashion world. Fortunately, the fashion world today is much more inclusive and there is something available to flatter every kind of body. All you need to do is to have a plan and start planning in time.


Start Early

It is not difficult to get the right look and be confident on the big night as long as you have everything lined up a few days before your event and have a good night’s sleep a night before your prom to wake up fresh. That is only possible if you start your preparation as early as possible. Set your budgets, research your option and brainstorm how you want to look like and where will you be hunting for your prom dresses. An early start will also allow you some additional time to manage to consider a tailor-made outfit.


Your Dress

Your dress should flatter your body. If a dress does not make your body look good, do not blame your body but try to understand that the given design is not meant for your frame. If you are a skinny girl, look for structured hems and avoid too much flare. Girls with heavier bodies may check out plus size prom dresses or outfits that are flared at the bottom. You can also opt for a low high gown if you want to show a bit of leg. Whatever you choose make sure it does not violate the dress code.



Blingy accessories look beautiful but they will turn out an eyesore if you will pair them up with an already blingy or heavily detailed dress. It is 2019 and the fashion philosophy is less is more. Avoid letting too much going on at the same time. Opt for heavier accessories only if you opt for a plain short dress or a gown. Do not wear any necklaces unless you have an off-shoulder dress.


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