How to Plan a Trip Using Just Your Smartphone


A smartphone is becoming the go-to gadget for scheduling travel-related plans. According to an article by Geo Marketing, “48% of all consumers say they are comfortable researching, booking, and planning an entire travel experience on a mobile device.” With this in mind, there is no doubt that technology is becoming fully integrated into the process of outlining a trip. With the popularity of using a mobile device increasing more and more each day, a number of travel brands are making their services compatible and easy to access through an app — making it easier than ever for users to plan an entire travel itinerary with only their smartphones.

 Here is how you can use your smartphone to plan a trip:


Choosing a Destination

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or have never traveled at all, choosing a destination may seem like a simple task, but in reality, it can be quite difficult to finalize the place you want to explore. Take into consideration the amount of time you have, the kind of activities you’ll want to participate in, your budget, who you may be traveling with and the elements of a location you’d want to experience — would you rather hike the mountains or lay on the beach?

 There are so many resources available on the internet that can assist you with picking the travel destination that’s the right fit for you. Take advantage of the internet to research the locations you’re considering and read up on the valuable information presented on travel-related guides, blogs or tourism websites.

 Prepare Your Finances

 Planning a trip requires some thought about your current budget. You must arrange a spending and saving limit, assess your current income status, account for currency exchange rates and also monitor your debit or credit card. Managing your finances on a mobile device is different from doing so on paper, but you may soon realize it’s a more transparent and convenient method of keeping your expenses organized.

 A travel expenditure requires a plan of attack suitable to meet the needs of your current financial status, therefore, it’s imperative to take advantage of what’s being offered on your smartphone. Currency conversion apps, personal finance platforms and mobile wallets can help you manage your money successfully during your journey. Along with these resources, there is also the option of using a mobile bank account to avoid foreign transaction fees and to build your savings automatically.

 Purchasing a Flight

 When it comes time to schedule your flight, digital booking and tickets are the way to go. Through an online site or app, you can completely customize your flight preferences to get only the options you want to see. Tools like Priceline or Trip Masters make it simple to choose the kind of flight you want, where you want to go and with inexpensive options.


Almost every airline has an associated app to help their customers book a flight. With the benefit of accessing a way to book airfare through your mobile device, you can not only receive quick service, but you also have a variety of real-time deals to take advantage of. When you buy a ticket through an airline app, a digital ticket will go straight to your email for you to scan while going through security.


Planning Your Stay

 Although a hotel, hostel or Airbnb can be a vital part of a vacation, booking one can be even more adaptable and timely when planned through the use of a mobile device. Hotels are improving the quality connections they make with their visitors by integrating their services through a mobile convenience. As a traveler, you can use your smartphone to directly message a hotel employee about your stay, make a reservation, and like a flight, filter your preferences to view the choices that best suit your travel needs.

 Smartphones have a strong capability to influence travelers’ decisions by how often we incorporate them into our day-to-day lives. They give us additional perks for travel-related options, and the more we use them, the savvier we become when it comes to planning a trip.