How to Organize Your Home and Live Clutter-Free

Do you ever come across pictures of very organized, clutter-free homes and wonder how you can get your home to look like that? Even after spending hours organizing and cleaning up, the house tends to go back to the way it was, or even worse, in a matter of just a few days, which can be extremely frustrating. This can discourage you from trying to organize your home in the first place because it feels like nothing that you do is of actual use.



However, it is important to remind yourself that living clutter-free can be very beneficial to your mental state-of-mind, and will definitely make you feel more energized, and boost your overall clarity and positivity. This is why we put together a guide that will help you organize your home and live clutter-free.

Work With The Space You Have

When we reach a point where our belongings outgrow the space we have, we are inclined to believe that we need more space. However, this is not entirely true. We have to learn to work with what we have. For instance, if your closet is overfilled, this is a sign that you should donate or get rid of some of your clothes. There is no way that you actually wear every single item that you own. Similarly, if your pantry is completely full, you should start checking for expired products, items that you never use, or even empty containers. We tend to buy things that we don’t actually need, thinking that they will come in handy one day. This habit will always make you live in absolute clutter. This is why you should always only buy things that you are sure you are going to use or anything that adds value to your lifestyle or to your home. You should also make sure that you have the space for it because if not, then it is time to declutter.


It is no surprise that cleaning your home is a necessity. You probably already dust your home and clean it regularly. However, have you ever considered a thorough, proper deep cleaning of your entire home? How long has it been since you have cleaned beneath your furniture, inside your cabinets and closets, and wiped the dust off your chandeliers? An occasional thorough deep cleaning session is necessary, especially in windy areas like Chesterfield because heavy winds are often accompanied by dust. You can look up domestic cleaning services in Chesterfield for regular cleaning solutions that will always keep your home polished. Cleaning your home is key to making it look organized and decluttered.

Clutter Zone

It can be impossible to designate a spot for every single item that you own. Some items simply cannot be classified into a certain category and can be used in several areas or for multiple things around the house. These items should always go to the clutter zone, where you don’t have to label them. You can designate a shelf, a drawer, a small closet, or even a cupboard for junk. It’s a simple and effective rule: anything that you regularly use but cannot find a place for goes in the clutter zone. Your clutter zone can also help you get rid of items you don’t need, instead of having to frequently declutter all the cabinets and closets in your home. When the zone starts to take up full capacity in the zone, this means that you need to start decluttering and reducing your junk. Having a clutter zone will prevent you from keeping random things lying around the house.

Storage Areas

If you want your house to be clutter-free, make sure that you actually have enough storage area to place your things. You should have shelves for your books, shoe racks for all your shoes so they aren’t randomly scattered around the floor, a storage area for cleaning detergents and supplies, small boxes for your makeup or accessories (if you use any), etc. Make sure that anything that can easily be scattered around would have a practical container, organizing product, or storage area.


Though, when buying organizing products, make sure that they are not too large for your home and are not excessive in quantities. You should also think about and consider the right type of organizer that you need for each item. If the organizing process goes wrong, it can make your home look even more cluttered. Moreover, placing everything in a container can make your home look and feel very uncomfortable.

That is not all. You can utilize your decks for storage too. There are storage systems or stylish furniture that double as storage areas. You can make use of structurally sound, classy railings to hold hanging storage solutions. This lets you take up less space inside the house and turn your deck into an easily accessible storage place too.

Everyone wants to live in a clutter-free, organized home. However, just thinking about the decluttering process can be quite overwhelming. Not knowing where to begin, and what to do with all your stuff is a hassle on its own. That’s why we collected these tips for you to follow to help make your home always look neat and polished.