How to Make It as a Solo Music Artist Today


Finding your way to the top is difficult in any business sphere but things can be especially hard for those who are trying to make it in the entertainment industry. A really small percentage of artists find fame and fortune. Some of those who are celebrated today as icons have died coinless. People like Johan Sebastian Bach, Claude Monet, and Judy Garland are just some of many that come to mind when talking about great cultural legacy but unfortunate fate.

The world of music was always tough. To make it, the cocktail of talent, hard work, and good luck are necessary. Also, the definition of success differs from person to person. Some are desiring grand concert tours and shows being sold-out all over the world while others would be happy if they can earn enough money to live a decent life by doing what they love.

If you’re an aspiring musician, let’s see what you can do and what steps you should take to be successful.

Define Your Brand

The music business is still a business and for you to make it, you have to offer the audience something they want and are ready to pay money to see. Outline your vision – the type of sound you want to create, what are your influences, and what will make you stand out among the other artists on the scene. Creating a personal brand means having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish.

Nothing is set in stone and certain modifications are possible along the way but starting with a certain goal in mind will make you more focused. If you’re not sure about how exactly you want your career to develop, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to set milestones. This will be helpful in terms of following your progress.

Work with Other Musicians

Even if you’re determined to make it as a solo artist, collaborating with others is very important for your own personal and professional development. The job of a creator can sometimes be very isolating but spending time with musicians, talking with them about your craft, and sharing ideas can be very inspiring. Also, it will make you feel like a part of a community, and the connections you form with others can be beneficial sometime in the future.

Thanks to technology, we have greater possibilities and creative liberties than ever before. Closing yourself in your own bubble can affect your artistic process negatively and you might feel stuck. Getting out and jamming with others from time to time will make the creative juices flow more vigorously.

Promote Your Solo Projects

If you want people to listen to your music, you need to find a way to reach them. Thanks to the internet and social media, you have multiple channels that will allow you to promote your projects and slowly grow your fan base. Share your content online, take advantage of all popular platforms that are at your disposal, and engage with your followers.

Digital streaming services with a huge music and video libraries have changed the industry landscape significantly. They have proven to be great for musician newbies to share their work and reach new audiences.

There are companies now who offer their support in helping you make a splash in a digital sphere and maybe be noticed and offered a deal by a record label. With years of experience, they have developed analytic tools that will provide you with high streaming numbers. As said by the experts from PlaylistStreams, when done the right way, this type of marketing strategy can give you tangible results in as little as a week. Simply, the insights these firms have will allow them to analyze your song and pitch it to the right audience.



Stay Focused

Things don’t happen overnight. This is especially true for those who are trying to make it in the entertainment business. You will have to stay focused and have faith in yourself. Self-doubt, although not uncommon among artists, can set you off course. It’s necessary for you to firmly believe that what you have is great and that your hard work will eventually pay off. You have to be patient and understand that good things take time.


It’s not easy to break into the music business. Aside from talent, you need a bit of luck and a great work ethic. However, if you make a plan and concentrate on your goal, you will have greater chances of getting to the top. With multiple streaming platforms and social media at your disposal, promoting your music was never easier.




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