How To Keep Prosecco from Going Flat Once It’s Open

Wine lovers surely know this problem – you want to enjoy a glass or two of refreshing, buzzy prosecco, but you’re not a ‘whole-bottle-at-once’ kind of person. What should you do, then, to enjoy freshness and buzz of your drink for longer?

Fizzy drinks, wine included, tend to go flat really quickly after opening if they are not protected and stored well. Then, it’s almost impossible to enjoy the drinking as the taste goes away and becomes simply blunt.

However, there are some ways and tricks that can be helpful in maintaining the excellent quality and flavor of prosecco for longer. Below, we present some of the best tips.

Use a Champagne Stopper

The first thing you should do right after opening a bottle of prosecco is to find a champagne stopper to replace the cork as quickly as possible. There are lots of fancy stoppers available on the market, but you can find them online as well.

However, it happens that you simply don’t have a stopper at home. Then, you can simply use a teaspoon instead of it. Just put it inside the bottle handle down, and you’ll be able to enjoy your sparkling drink for longer!

Also, think of buying some good quality wine – these are less likely to lose their taste. To have a look at some, check out not only the local shops but also online stores – it’s easier to buy excellent quality drinks and accessories there. Try, for example, Acker Wines, or Wine Online Delivery.

Keep It Cold

Does temperature help to keep your prosecco sparkling nicely? Yes, it does! To prevent your wine from going flat, simply don’t let it warm up. Once you pour a glass or two, don’t forget to put the bottle back in the fridge.

This way, you will prevent the wine from losing its bubbles. Why does this simple method work? In lower temperatures, carbon dioxide is better preserved and absorbed by liquids.

In the case of some wines, it’s enough to keep them cold to maintain the bubbles for a long time. To read more about storing sparkling wines, prosecco included, visit this website.

Don’t Keep It Open for Too Long

It may be obvious, but if any product is kept open for long, it simply goes off and becomes inedible. High-percentage alcohol like gin, vodka, or liquor can be perfectly fine to drink even after months of storing when it comes to wine, it shouldn’t be stored for longer than five days after opening. Moreover, it shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight and kept in a dry, dark place.

So, one advice about flat prosecco is to gulp it down! If you don’t fancy its taste that much, you can always make it a base for some drinks. There are plenty of options available, so you may go for a bitter Aperol Spritz or Peach Prosecco with a fruity taste. To get inspired by more prosecco-based drink recipes, click here.

When It’s Flat – Use It Anyway

Supposing that your prosecco has already lost its bubbles, and there’s nothing to save, you don’t need to worry. You can still use the wine for some other, equally pleasant purposes.

For example, wine can be used to prepare various sauces and soups, such as traditional French onion soup or a pasta sauce with prawns. The options are almost endless, as long as you are creative and go beyond traditional food recipes.

Another way of using flat prosecco or champagne is… adding it to home-made cosmetics. It can be an ingredient of a face toner, a face mask, or even a hair conditioner.

Some drinks don’t require any bubbles from prosecco – it can be used just like any other white wine. If you want to cover your wine’s possibly flat taste, you can add some fresh juice or sparkling water to it.

Consider Smaller Bottles

If you constantly leave your prosecco flat, because your drinking habits don’t involve drinking a lot at once (which is perfectly okay!), it may be a good idea to switch to smaller bottles. There are single-serving bottles or even cans available, so you won’t have to worry about storing the booze that you don’t drink.

These options may not be that economical, but they’re worth considering. What’s more, the smaller amount of alcohol you buy, the more tastes and kinds of it you’ll be able to try! Sounds convincing, doesn’t it? To have a look at some of the small prosecco bottles and their reviews, click here.


Having your prosecco fresh and sparkling may be problematic if you’re not planning to drink the whole bottle at one sitting. However, there are plenty of solutions to this dilemma – from using a bottle stopper or a teaspoon, by covering the taste by making various drinks and using the leftovers to prepare home-made cosmetics.

Finally, you may simply change your habits and start buying smaller, single-serving bottles and cans of prosecco. Every solution is perfect if it only works for you. So, enjoy your fresh and sparkling prosecco. Cheers!