How To Find The Right Doctor

In order to take proper care of your health, it’s important to cut through the myths, and find the right healthcare professionals to help you to take proper care of yourself. Whether you’re ill, need a specialist, or just have some health concerns, the right doctor can make a huge difference to your health and the confidence that you have in their care.



Look For A Personality Fit

Whether you’re in search of a general practitioner, or a specialist like an ear nose and throat doctor to manage your snoring, it’s important to find someone who has the right personality. You don’t have to be friends with your doctor, but you need to feel comfortable with them.

If you’re someone who feels nervous at the doctor, then look for someone who is kind and soothing. If you just want the facts, then you will do better with someone with a more straight-forward, matter of fact manner.

If you feel comfortable with your doctor, you will find it easier to discuss your health with them, even when the problem is more intimate or embarrassing.

Find The Right Specialism

Many of us need more specific care than just seeing a general doctor. Perhaps you have a medical condition that you need help managing, or have a small child that needs a doctor. Look for a doctor with experience in what you need, whether that’s someone known for their bedside manner with young children, or someone that you know has published papers about diabetes or another condition that you are living with.

This ensures you will get skilled, knowledgeable care that you will feel confident in.

Think Practically

It might not seem like the obvious thing to consider, but while you’re looking for a doctor, don’t forget to think about the practical things too, as well as things like personalities and specialisms.

Where is the doctor based? You want to be registered at a doctor’s surgery that is close to either your home or your workplace. If your surgery is too far away, it will be a nuisance every time you have to go there, so you may find yourself putting off making an appointment, especially if you know you’ll need to take a whole afternoon off work in order to get there.

What is their appointment system like? Can you book online? Can you call on the day, speak to a receptionist almost immediately, and make an appointment that is a reasonable amount of time away? Or do you have to sit on hold for an hour, only to find that all that week’s appointments have gone? You need to be with a doctor you can actually see when you need to, not one that you have to wait for ages for.

You could also take the reception team into account. You will need to deal with them almost as much as your doctor, so you want to go with someone who has a team who are a friendly, professional, and discreet.


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