How to De-Stress Yourself From Negative Vibes of Everyday Hassle

It’s a beautiful day, you slept well, woke up on time, the sun is shining, and breakfast was good. You leave your house just on time, go downstairs, walk to your car… but a tree has fallen on your car. You can still make it on time, but you’re definitely irate, to say the least. This energy is often internalized, and cannot be ignored. The pace that our lives have come to take is often tolling for mind, body, and soul. We often feel strained enough going through our daily life, and added negativity is something we would all be quite happy brushing aside. However, it is futile to imagine a world where external and unpredictable factors can be accounted for or mitigated. So, many choose to act where they can, on what they know and can predict – on their routine. In this short article, we will suggest a few basic mantra-like axioms to stand by in order to steer clear of unwanted negativity.

Set Limits

Whether in your habits or in your relationships, you want to make sure you are aware of what returns you get on your emotional investment. You need to know where you stand, and it is okay to give more than we receive in certain situations, but one should always be aware and alert. If a relationship with a person, object, or substance, begins to become an impediment to your long term growth and stability, you might want to look into reevaluating where you currently stand.


In the same way that we shouldn’t take negativity we cannot and should not bear, we should always keep in mind that we are social beings and that this implies an existential need to communicate. It doesn’t matter what it is, the only thing that does matter is who you decide to share with, why, and when. As we share the good, we need to remember we also have to share the bad. Whether you or one of your loved ones is suffering, listen. To share is to care, and to have much less to bear.

Be Prepared

Whatever it is in life, prevention is always your first line of action. Stress, like all of our problems, can be averted with organization and discipline. Have a stress-relief kit handy, a bit like a first aid kit, but more holistic. If you’re unsure where to start, then look up a guide that will help you in creating your own kit so that you have structure as you work towards becoming stress-free. There are plenty of amazing ideas that will certainly go a long way in not only helping you destress but also tap into your creativity.


Quite literally. But also more figuratively. Find a way to make the space you need for yourself – if you need it. This goes back to the idea of control, often, anxiety is linked to a feeling of a lack of control over the events in our life that overwhelm us.


Create something you can control. Often, this starts with the breath – we all have it, and it is the essential rhythm that rocks our individual lives. Beyond that, your breath regulates your heartbeat, and when blood is well oxygenated, the body and mind work more synchronistically, and with more clarity.

Be Grateful

A good way to shield ourselves from tolling energies is to remember what keeps us going. Family, friends, a loved one, a passion. We all have them, and most of us take them for granted until they are gone and it is too late to get them back. Gratitude can be exercised and practiced, not just felt. Be grateful and kind in what you do, do random acts of kindness, and you will be more likely to see that energy reciprocated. Some people and situations simply won’t return it, but so is life. You should not be giving with the intent to receive.

Negativity has many faces, and, paradoxically, isn’t a ‘bad’ thing – even though that is the literal meaning of the word. The notion isn’t new – no light without dark, no up without down. The danger is when it goes unnoticed and persists. When it is fleeting, it can be constructive, but it can also paralyze even the most outgoing of souls. A passing storm makes us all more grateful for the sun (the other way around also works for some people). Negativity points out our flaws and shows us where we need to work to be better. Your negativity brought you here, didn’t it?


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