How Often Should Your Pet See a Veterinarian?



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Pet checkups are essential if you want your pet to live a long and healthy life. Veterinarian visits are similar to regular checkups for humans. Your pet needs to visit the doctor regularly to receive an overall health assessment. When you adopt or purchase a pet, you must make sure that it remains healthy by taking it to the veterinary clinic for regular appointments. You cannot just adopt an animal and then leave it to fend for itself. You can easily book your pet an appointment with an animal hospital of Phoenix. Here are some instructions about how often you should take your pet to a veterinary care clinic.

How Often to See a Veterinarian

It is difficult to give you a general answer to this question. The number of times your pet should see a veterinarian each year will depend on the type of pet you have and the age bracket they belong to. If your pet is young or old, they will require frequent appointments with a veterinarian. However, in most cases, adult pets only require an annual checkup. Since most indoor pets are cats or dogs, we will cater to these two animals in this article.

Puppy or Kitten: From Birth to 1-Year

If your puppy or kitten was born in your house, then you will need to manage its vaccination process. Otherwise, let your supplier or adoption center handle it. Initially, you will need to take your puppy or kitten to the veterinary hospital every 3-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. Both dogs and cats get vaccinated as recommended by your veterinarian. Your pet’s veterinary appointments will also involve weighing your pet and looking for its expected growth rate.

Adult Dog or Cat: 1 – 10 Years

As pets age, they require less frequent trips to the vet. If your pet is a healthy adult, then an annual checkup is often enough. This checkup includes having your veterinarian run some important tests and a head-to-tail examination. For dogs, mostly blood tests are conducted to look for heartworm in the system. For cats, your veterinarian will listen to your cat’s heart and lungs and conduct a thorough feel of the belly region. If your veterinarian finds any abnormalities, then he or she will order more tests. For your dog, the rabies vaccine is essential. However, how often your pet receives it will depend on the state you are in.

Elder Dog or Cat: 10 Years and Older

If your dog or cat is ten years or older, then you need to pay extra attention to his or her health. As your pet ages, it will become more fragile, meaning you should schedule a veterinary appointment at least twice a year. During this consultation, you should tell your vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your pet’s behavior. This includes small details like whether they are sleeping longer or not sleeping at all. You should also monitor your pet’s liver and kidney health as they age.

Keeping an eye on your pet’s health is an important job. You can help make sure your pet has the quality of life that he or she deserves. If you have a pet, then make sure to sign up with a veterinary clinic for its regular checkups.


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