How Do I Keep My Boyfriend Interested In Bed


Both men and women experience a low desire for lovemaking in relationships sometimes. Such scenarios occur when the relationship has gone far, with things becoming boring.

If your boyfriend loses interest in bedroom activities, it may be difficult for you to deal with it as a woman. However, a solution is here.

Listed in this article are ways to keep your boyfriend interested in bed.

Let’s see the first option right away!

Make the first move sometimes

It is a well-known fact that men lead in relationships, but there are situations where it’s not bad if women make the first move sometimes, particularly in bedroom activities. Do not always wait for your boyfriend to make the first move when you want to make love to each other.

Be the first to initiate the idea and actions to keep him interested in enjoying intimate moments with you. If you intend to make out in the evening, start a short smooching session in the morning before leaving to give him an idea of what to expect when he returns from work.

Tweak the routine and try new lovemaking positions

You cannot do the same thing consistently if you wish to keep your boyfriend interested in bed. Have you always done the missionary position while making love to each other? Reshuffle things by introducing adult toys like vibrators, dildoes, nipple clamps, penis sleeves, and many other adult clothing in your bedroom activities.

In addition to keeping your boyfriend interested in lovemaking, these adult accessories will also make your intimacy grow stronger, visit Nipple Clamps UK here.

Discuss with him

If your boyfriend stops being interested in bedroom activities, discuss it with him. Do not shy away from it. Have a conversation with him about it if you desire an improvement. Ask him questions like, “We don’t make love to each other anymore like we used to. What happened?” “You stopped being interested in making love to me all of a sudden. What went wrong?” Ensure that you don’t ask him the question like a confrontation.

Be naughty

Most men love naughtiness. If you act naughty occasionally around your boyfriend, he will cherish you for it. An extra dose of wildness might be what your boyfriend needs to warm up to you in bed. You can purchase some seductive transparent underwear to wear around the home whenever you visit him. Also, exchange naughty phone calls or texts with him to make him pick interest in bedroom activities again.

Check if he’s stressed

Another option to try if you want to keep your boyfriend interested in bed is to check if he’s stressed. Look out for his welfare and ask him questions to know what’s going on with him. That extra support you can give to your boyfriend might be what will ignite his desire to be with you in bed again.

In Summary

To keep your boyfriend interested in bedroom activities, check if he’s stressed, make the first move sometimes, be naughty, and reshuffle your lovemaking routines by incorporating new positions and adult toys. Always utilize lubricants while using adult accessories to make it easy to put, use, and remove them.