How Can You Eat Better at Work?



Do you find that being busy and having a hectic work schedule causes you to eat badly? If so, here are some of the ways you can improve your diet around your busy job. 


Always have breakfast

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to eating well and living a healthy lifestyle is they skip breakfast. It’s easily done, when you’re awake early in the morning you might not feel like eating and with limited time, it’s tempting to swap that time for an extra ten minutes with the snooze button instead. But do try and make the effort to eat breakfast, as you’re much less likely to overeat later in the day. Work out what kinds of foods you can stomach in the morning and if you can, prepare them ahead of time. Things like healthy breakfast muffins and homemade oat bars can be made in bulk and you can take one on the go with you if you cant bear to eat as soon as you’ve opened your eyes. A simple slice of toast with a piece of fruit, some overnight oats or some yoghurt sprinkled with dried fruit and nuts are all options to get you off to a good start in the morning.  And if you have a work day where you’ll need a lot of energy, you could eat a traditional Cornish breakfast at a local breakfast spot or make it yourself.


Bring your own food and snacks

There can be a lot of temptation in the workplace when it comes to food. From people passing around snacks and treats to your colleagues inviting you to the local cafe or fast food place to have lunch. But do this every day and chances are you’ll start feeling the effects of sluggishness and weight gain. Bring your own food and snacks, but do your best to keep it interesting. Experiment with different sandwich fillings, you could bring leftovers from your dinner the night before to warm in the microwave or you could prepare healthy and vibrant salads, pasta or rice which could be kept in the fridge at work and enjoyed cold. When you have your own tasty meal that you’re looking forward to, you’re much less likely to give into temptation elsewhere. And when you make food yourself you have full control of what goes into it, you can make it taste good with herbs and spices rather than fill it with the salt, sugar and oil that prepackaged food comes with. 


Work from home

Working from home has so many great benefits. Maybe you want to start your own home business, and use a site like to give you a professional edge. Perhaps you want to work as a freelancer, or become a remote employee for a company. The company you work for now might give you the opportunity to work from home if you want to- especially now many places in the world are on lock down due to the Coronavirus. As well as avoiding bugs and germs, when you work from home it’s much easier to eat healthily. You can prepare healthy, fresh lunches every day without having to worry if it will travel well in a lunchbox.