HeatCore Personal Heater Review Worth the money?

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Hands up if you enjoy being cold.


No. We thought not. There are very few people who want to sit there shivering and dithering in their own homes. Once the temperature has dropped, the cold seems to get into your bones and makes it so hard to warm back up again. This leaves you not only feeling cold, but achy and often unwell at the same time. It also has the unfortunate side effect of lowering your immune system, leaving you more prone to catching bugs and viruses, and infections, which are more common in the cold months.

In many parts of the world, we are now heading into the winter months, and with that comes a drop in temperature. The problem is that traditional forms of heating, powered by electricity, gas, and oil are very expensive – more so than they have been for a long time. Many people put off turning on their central heating to save money and avoid facing a huge bill at the end of the billing period. Because of this, they put themselves at risk of conditions associated with getting too cold.

What if we told you that there is an alternative way to warm up your home? Something that costs less to run in the long-term, is portable and efficient and most importantly, safe?

There is the HeatCore personal heater.

In this article, we are going to look at the product in closer detail, so that you can decide whether it is worth the money. Read on to find out more:

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What is the HeatCore Personal Heater?

The HeatCore portable heater is a revolutionary portable heater that provides plenty of benefits for the user. It is a personal, compact heater sufficient for heating a small room. The powerful but portable appliance can heat the room much more efficiently than its competitors. Although smaller and more portable than the others, it is undoubtedly one of the best heaters on the market. It uses ceramic convection technologies to deliver great performance. If you want some warmth quickly and easily, this is well worth taking a closer look at.

As soon as the HeatCore personal is turned on, hot air starts to blow. This means that the room is heated very quickly and without fuss.


How does the HeatCore Personal Heater work?

The HeatCore ceramic heater works rapidly and effectively.   It is designed to be one of the most efficient heaters on the market. The heater takes advantage of the best ceramic convection technology compared to ones made by competitors.  This is why the heater is so compact yet packs a real punch in terms of heat production.  The personal heater features aluminum baffles and ceramic tiles. The ceramic is heated as electricity moves past it.

A fan then works to blow the heat that the ceramic produces into the room. Convection heaters are very effective since they distribute warm air uniformly and reliably. This ceramic heater works extremely well to increase average room temperatures very quickly. This is important since the average temperature refers to the baseline temperature before the heater is turned on.

Not only that, but consumers can be confident that they know that this heater does not have any exposed heating components. This makes it much safer.   It is lightweight, compact, and energy-efficient.

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Technical features of the HeatCore Ceramic Heater

  • Energy-efficient ceramic technology
  • No heat fan mode
  • Maximum power of 1200 watt, minimum of 700 watt
  • 1- 3-hour timer
  • Standby switch
  • Auto shut off if it is knocked over
  • Quick-release cover
  • Integrated handle
  • Antimicrobial filter to kill viruses and bacteria

Who is the HeatCore Ceramic Heater designed for?

The HeatCore personal heater is ideal for people who believe that they pay too much for electricity or gas when they turn on their main central heating. In addition, if someone needs to use a separate room – perhaps a garage, workshop, or basement and does not want to be cold, this will work wonders. Other common users of the HeatCore are people who own guest accommodation such as hostels, motels, and hotels, as this gives guests complete control over the temperature of their room. Age certainly does not matter when it comes to this innovative personal heater. Young and old at the same time benefit from its capabilities, and it is incredibly easy to use – no technical knowledge is needed.

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What are some of the advantages of the HeatCore personal heater?

  • Simple to use
  • Safe – automatically turns off before it starts to overheat or if it gets knocked over
  • Gets rid of bad smells and bacteria in the environment, making it not just more pleasant but better for your health as well.
  • Energy-efficient and saves electricity and/or gas – better for the environment and your wallet in the long term
  • Portable – integrated handle means it is easy to carry
  • Compact – no big heater taking up space in the room
  • Low noise

What are the disadvantages of the HeatCore ceramic heater?

  • Only available to purchase online which is difficult for non-internet users
  • Only heats up one room, so need multiple units to heat a whole home


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Where can the HeatCore Personal heater be bought from?

If you would like to try out the HeatCore personal heater for yourself this winter, you can find more detailed information about the heater on the official supplier’s website. This is where you can find out everything there is to know as well as order one.  You can access the order process directly from the home page. Here you can select how many of the heaters you would like to buy. Do you just need a heater for your living room, or do you want to take a fan heater with you to your office? Perhaps the HeatCore is also a great gift for your family or friends. In this scenario, it may be worth ordering some additional ones right away. The supplier already provides a 50 percent discount on the ceramic Heater, regardless of the number that you order. More information and discounts can be found here on the official website!

If for any reason you find that the HeatCore Blaux heater is not satisfactory for you within the first 30 days of delivery, you can return it to the supplier to get a replacement or a full refund, minus the shipping costs. However, it is important to check that this option is not withdrawn or subject to specific requirements.

Company contact information:

Quality Performance Limited

377 Valley Rd #1123,

Clifton, NJ 07013


By email: [email protected]

By Phone:

United States and Canada (Toll Free): 844 8473 378

United Kingdom: 020 3 318 0674

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5696

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Frequently asked questions about the HeatCore ceramic heater

Is this safe to be used with pets in the house?

Absolutely yes. It has an anti-tilt shut off function, so if the HeatCore ceramic heater is knocked over by an inquisitive pet, it will turn itself off automatically. It also has an integrated timer, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off if you go out without your pet.

Can you heat an entire room with the HeatCore personal heater?

For the size of the heater, it packs a punch when it comes to heating. However, while everyone in a smaller room will feel the benefit of it, it will not be powerful enough or produce enough to heat a whole room. For this, you would need a bigger heater or multiple HeatCore units.

Can you use the HeatCore outside?

While it is primarily an indoor heater, there is no reason why you cannot use this product outside, as long as it is protected from rain and other forms of moisture. In fact, it is a great addition to your decking, especially on a summer evening when it gets cooler. It is important to bear in mind that the warmth will escape faster outdoors so you may need to crank the temperature up more than you would if you were using it indoors. `

Reviews and thoughts about the HeatCore personal heater

Even though the HeatCore personal heater is relatively new to the market, you can already find some valuable feedback from people who already use the product. Some of the experiences have also been documented on the official website of the supplier. the reviews are really very good – a significant percentage of users also rate the HeatCore ceramic heater with Five out of five stars. Reviewers recommend purchasing this heater. They also report that the Mini Ceramic Heater delivers warmth very quickly, even in very cold rooms. The safeguarding measures such as the anti-tilt shut off function that are embedded into the  Heater are also regarded highly, as they promote a reassured and worry free feeling, especially in households with children or pets, and reduce the risk of accidents. In terms of power consumption and the overall cost of running, reviewers also see a strong advantage in this over other heating methods. More customer feedback can be found on the official supplier website.

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Final thoughts and summary of the HeatCore Personal Heater

The ceramic technology is known for its energy efficiency, from which you will see significant gains when it comes to your energy costs; at least that is what the supplier promises. If you use the HeatCore personal heater for heating, you can set different levels of power. The lowest level is 700 watts, and the highest level is 1,200 watts. In the case of a mini ceramic heater of this size, output values are very satisfactory, if not better than some comparable products. However, you do not only need to use the ceramic heater to warm up during the cold winter months.

The personal heater has a fan mode, too. If you set it to fan mode, no heat will be expelled from the HeatCore Ceramic Heater – only air will be emitted, creating a nice air draught that can cool you down, particularly in midsummer. With the support of an integrated timer, you can individually set whether the heater should be running for one, two or three hours. You can also turn off the personal heater early if necessary. Alternatively, the standby switch may be used. With the power switch on the back, the heater can be turned on and off. The ease of use is therefore also a major advantage of this lightweight, robust unit.  To avoid incidents where the heater does not stand upright on the floor – for example, when it is upside down – the ceramic heater has a gravitational safety switch. This means that the heater is turned off as soon as it is no longer upright making it safe to use around children and animals.

The heater is electrically powered. The requisite cables can be attached directly to the back of the device. You will also find a fast release cover on the back. It is used to replace ZPT antimicrobial filters, one of which is already incorporated. Filters are used to clean out bacteria and harmful odours from the air and can also contribute to general well-being.

Bearing in mind all of these features and its multi-functional use as both a heater and a fan, combined with the affordable price and rave reviews from other customers, it is a great personal heating device. Sure, it may take a little longer than you would like to get to you but ordering well in advance of needing it means that is no longer an issue.

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